Traffic Secrets is finally coming. Russell Brunsons third book has a rumoured release date in September 2019. 

Are you excited? I know I am! Here’s Russell’s own quote from the cover of the Traffic Secrets book.

“This book shows the simple process that we have used to get TENS OF MILLIONS of people to come to our sites every month. It’s a simple strategy that any company could implement, even if they don’t understand what traffic is.”

– Russel Brunson
Traffic Secrets Book
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Click the image to jump on the wait-list to get access on release!

In this book you’ll discover the lost secrets of filling your funnel with the right traffic. 

The most important thing you can do while you wait, is to sign up for the waitlist below. 

Why? Because Russell will only print a small number of Traffic Secrets copies with the first run. Because this will create scarcity, and buzz around the book. Which in turn means free marketing and sharing of his message.

So you can either be ready as soon as it arrives, or miss out on getting the book early. Your choice.

Sign up for the Traffic Secrets waitlist here.

Russells Brunson’s Previous Books

Russell’s previous books DotComSecrets and Expert Secrets have been lifechanging for me. They are still today two of my most recommended books.

Free DotComSecrets
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Hold My Fresh DCS Copy, Click To Get Your Own Free Copy!

If you haven’t read DotComSecrets and Expert Secrets you need to order them now. You can get both for free if you cover shipping and handling so it’s a no brainer.

You REALLY should read both of them before Traffic Secrets releases. Because you’ll be in the best possible position to make use of the gold you’ll find inside.

If you want to order DotComSecrets, click here (free + shipping).

If you want to order Expert Secrets, click here (free + shipping).

However, I would recommend ordering one of them and selecting The Black Box Up-sell. Because that way you get both books, but also a heap of additional booklets, stickers, etc.

The Black Box Contents
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The Contents Of The Clickfunnels Black Box (Click To Order, Offered As Up-Sell)

I’ve personally bought The Black Box Twice.

Because I carefully study the funnel that you go through as you buy it. This is one of the best ways to learn how to create efficient sales funnels.

This is what we call ‘Funnel Hacking’ in the Clickfunnels community. It’s a lot of fun and very efficient at learning more about sales funnels. The Traffic Secrets funnel should be amazing and I can’t wait to Funnel Hack it.

Marcus ‘Systemizer’ Haerdin

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