A lot of people ask themselves “Are Affiliate Programs Legit”? Can I really make money online as an affiliate marketer? Or is affiliate marketing just a scam?…

Unfortunately, we live in a world where many affiliates operate shadily. They sell bogus products that hide behind slick copywriting and fake testimonials. But, the reality is that there are many affiliate programs that are legit.

Legit Affiliate Programs Proof
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My earnings from the Clickfunnels Affiliate Program…

I’ve made thousands of dollars from legit affiliate programs myself. The one above is one among many, to show you I’m truthful. But in your quest to build your own profitable affiliate business, what’s next? Following below are some of the quesitons you’ll find answers to in this article.

But if you’re super eager to get started now, this is what we recommend. Early 2018 I came across David Sharpe, who’s the founder of Legendary Marketer.

Affiliate Program With Legit Commissions
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Day 1 – 55 Minutes of PURE Value by David Sharpe, Click to Join!

He has generated over $200 million in sales for his three different companies. But currently his main focus is helping others start and grow their own online business.

Hence, he has created a 15-Day Challenge designed to help people get started from scratch. The content in this challenge, is unreal, it’s super high value and very well produced.

This challenge is by far my #1 recommendation for anyone that wants to start. Furthermore, it’s only $7 to join the challenge, so what are you waiting for? 

Click here to learn more about the 15-Day Online Business Builder Challenge.

Legendary Marketer has one of the most legit affiliate programs out there. There are several reasons for this, which you’ll learn more about below. 

However, you should know their affiliate program is by application only. But if you go through their challenge first you’re more likely to get accepted. Simply because they want people who either have experience, or are trying to learn more, to promote.

How To Find Legit Affiliate Programs To Promote

You’ll need to make sure they fulfill some specific requirements. Any affiliate program that you find, regardless if it’s on our list, will be a legit affiliate program.

In other words, don’t rely only on what we or others say, be critical and find your own favorites. Because finding your own legit affiliate programs to promote, will set you apart.

Requirements for legit affiliate programs (explanations in subheadings):

  • Product/offer quality has to be EXCELLENT
  • Recurring subscription and/or High-Ticket
  • The product/offer has to be something you pay to have/use

Those three requirements will allow you to easily sift through bad products/offers. Following below is a bit of an explanation of what each of them really mean.

What’s The Product/Offer Quality?

Would you buy an product or offer that you knew was shit or even average? No of course you wouldn’t. So for this very reason you shouldn’t promote offers that arent of excellent quality.

But also because you’ll see much better results if you chose to promote offers that are high quality. They will convert better, you’ll have lower refund rates, and you’ll make more money.

The best way to find out? Try the product/offer out for yourself. Because experiencing it first hand will always trump reviews or third party explanations.

Would You Use It?

Is the product/offer something that you would pay to use or have? Because if it’s not, chances are you shouldn’t be promoting it to others.

You should only focus on things that you yourself think is worth their cost. But ideally that you have used or that you are using yourself. 

Because you’ll come across as more genuine, and you can also demonstrate it better. Which will translate into higher conversion rates, hence more money in your pocket. 

Is It Recurring And/Or High Ticket?

This might not be a true requirement of a legit affiliate program. But it makes a huge difference for your profitability. But the reality is that most high quality product/offers will have either or both.

This means they can maintain quality and also reinvest more profits to improve. Further, for you as an affiliate this means two things.

First of all, on recurring offers. Recurring subscription offers will 99% of the pay commissions on a monthly basis. Almost always as long as that customer is active and paying for their subscription. 

In other words? If you can drive customers to those offers, you can enjoy truly passive recurring income! Pretty neat huh? 

Second of all, high-ticket offers, will mean high-ticket commissions.  But here’s the kicker, some of the most legit affiliate programs work like this. 

  1. You as an affiliate promote a low-ticket or even free offer. (Front-end offer)
  2. The company onboards and indoctrinates the customer.
  3. Later in the customer journey, they present them high-ticket products/offers. These always makes sense for the customer.
  4. If they purchase, you as the affiliate who generated that customer, will get credit.

Many of the companies that operate this way have 30% to 40% commission rates. 

Sell a $3,000 offer this way, and you’ll get a $1,200 commission…

Pretty damn good right? So why would you focus on promoting amazon products and get a one-off $2 commission? When you can promote low-ticket or even free offers that can generate four figure commissions?!

You’d be crazy to not take advantage of this!

How To Start Promoting Affiliate Programs That Are Legit

When you’re promoting legit affiliate programs you can do so at ease. Because you know you’re connecting products/offers with people who could enjoy them.

That means you can mention them on your social media pages and feel OK about it. That’s just one place to start, but it’s great because it’s free traffic. 

Meaning any commission you make from a social media promotion, is free money. Woooooooohooo!

But otherwise here are some of the best free ways to promote legit affiliate programs. All can be in written or video format: 

  • Reviews
  • Walkthroughs
  • How To’s 
  • Demonstrations
  • Pro’s and Con’s
  • X product vs Z Product comparisons

The secret is to keep creating content around the products/offers that you promote. Because each piece of content will keep working for you once you’ve created it.

If you have money to spend on paid traffic, that’s the best way to scale quickly. But it’s hard, otherwise, everyone would do it. This is not something we’ll cover in this post. But if you do wish to get started with paid traffic, I recommend Udimi (for business opportunity niches).

Marcus Haerdins Top 3 Legit Affiliate Programs

The time has come. Following below, will be my top 3 favorite affiliate programs that are legit. They list will be in descending order, starting with my #1 favorite.

#1 – Legendary Marketer

Why is Legendary Marketer my number one pick? Well the most important reasons are value for money and quality. Because the content that’s included in their 15-day challenge is mindblowingly good. Especially when you consider that challenge takers only pay $7 to join.

That makes the affiliate program easy to get conversions for. But they also have a recurring subscription as well as high-ticket offers. Which means you can make passive recurring income and make high-ticket commissions.

But all the offers that are within Legendary Marketer provide amazing value. So I know that they are likely to convert, and that they get value for money.

Further, and this is very unique to Legendary Marketer, is their pro affiliate level. This is one of those things that makes the Legendary Marketer affiliate program legit AF.

Legendary Marketer Pro Affiliates

If you become a pro affiliate, you can put your own affiliate links for Clickfunnels, GetResponse, and AWeber in THEIR back office. What the actual…?

So all you need to do is drive traffic to Legendary Marketer. But still grow you referrals for Clickfunnels, GetResponse, and AWeber. Which means MORE recurring passive income, and potential high-ticket commissions (from Clickfunnels).

Still to this day, this blows my mind. But what bothers me is how few that actually focus on Legendary Marketer. Why wouldn’t you?

You really should focus 100% on Legendary Marketers legit affiliate program. Once again, get started by joining their 15-Day Online Business Builder Challenge. Click Here!

#2 – Clickfunnels

Clickfunnels is the sales funnel and landing page software we use and have used for a long time. It’s an excellent product that works very well for what it’s built for. But it can do more than just that, such as membership sites and websites. However, the community they’ve created around the software is also incredible.

If you run into problems or you need help improving a page, just reach out in the FB-group and get help instantly. But not just from anyone, from 6, 7, 8-figure funnel experts. It’s pretty amazing.

Further, not only can you make good passive recurring income from the subscriptions. But they also have a big range of other offers that you can make money from. How’s that for a legit affiliate program?

Anywhere from free + shipping book offers, up to programs that cost up to $5,997. This gives you great opportunities to bring customers in through different avenues.

But also because of their ‘Sticky Cookie’, you’ll get commissions on anything your referrals buy…

Give away a free + shipping book, then 6 months later make a $2,398.80 commission. Doesn’t sound bad, does it?

Try Clickfunnels 14-Day Free trial by clicking here and start promoting as an affiliate today.

#3 – GetResponse

One thing that every internet marketer needs is an Email Service Provider. The saying goes “The money is in the list”. Hence, you should always be building your own email list. That is if you want to make as much money as possible.

GetResponse as a software is excellent, but it also allows affiliate linking. Which is something that many others don’t allow. If you’re going to be an affiliate marketer this is obviously important.

This means that GetResponse is an excellent addition to Clickfunnels and Legendary Marketer. Because it actually integrates directly with BOTH.

You can promote Legendary Marketers own funnels, but still get all leads imported into your list. When you have your own funnels, they seamlessly integrate to GetResponse as well.

This is exactly why the GetResponse is one of my three favorite legit affiliate programs. If you want to check out GetResponse to use for yourself or to become an affiliate, click here.

Final Conclusion – Are Affiliate Programs Legit? 

Hopefully by now you understand that there affiliate programs that are legit. But also how you can go about finding them yourself. However, if you do want to know some of my favorites, you can find the top 3 above.

The reality is it comes down to yourself. You just need to pick one affiliate program and focus on that. Which is why it’s amazing to be able to pick one that indirectly promotes others.

Legendary Marketer is by far my #1 favorite legit affiliate program. Because you promote one low-ticket offer, and open up the doors to several streams of income.

Join and complete their 15-day challenge asap, so you can become an affiliate too! Click here to join.

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If you have any questions about affiliate marketing, or other affiliate programs please let us know. We’d be happy to help you out in your journey to become an affiliate marketer.

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