The Legendary Marketer Affiliate Program truly is legendary. There are a few different aspects that really set them apart. But in short, you can earn from $2.80 up to $4,800 one-time commissions as well as recurring monthly commissions.

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One of my recent commissions…

Have you ever heard of another legit affiliate program like that? If you have please let us know in the comments!

One important thing to mention early is that Legendary Marketers Affiliate Program is by application only. Hence, you’re not guaranteed to get accepted and therefore be able to promote and start earning.

However, there are a few tricks that can improve your chances of getting accepted. But also one specific shortcut that will give you instant access, but it’s a bonus of one of their offers.

First off, one of the BEST ways is to complete their 15-Day Online Business Builder Challenge. Because it’ll introduce you to the company. But also teach you essential skills required to succeed as an affiliate, for Legendary Marketer or other programs.

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Check out this quote from David Sharpe’s Facebook Live in the official Facebook group on 17/06/2019 below.

Everything that I wish that I knew when I started internet marketing, is inside that challenge.

– David Sharpe, CEO, and Founder of Legendary Marketer, who has generated over $200 million in sales.

How To Get Instant Approval To Legendary Marketers Affiliate Program

Unfortunately, instant approval is going to cost you quite a bit of money. However, it’s provided as part of one of their offers. Now I’ll be honest with you, this offer is a $2,500 one-time purchase. However, the value that you get is pretty insane.

Part of the bonuses you get is instant approval to the legendary marketers’ affiliate program. Further, the offer itself is for their Affiliate Marketing Business Blueprint. So it kind of makes sense that they’d give you automatic approval. Because the blueprint will teach give you an exact road-map for how to get from 0 to 6 or even 7 figures if you follow it.

There are only two ways to access this offer if you want an awesome blueprint as well as instant approval. Which is to sign up for Legendary Marketers Club or their 15-Challenge. Because the Affiliate Marketing Business Blueprint is offered as a One-Time-Offer after you sign up.

If you want access now you can Click Here to join Legendary Marketers Club. Or you can check out the 15-day challenge by Clicking Here.

What Is The Legendary Marketer Affiliate Program?

First of all, it’s probably one of the best affiliate programs you’ll ever find. Here are a few reasons why:

  • Crazy good quality on all content, free and paid
  • They genuinely care about their students and members
  • Low-ticket front-end offers with high conversion rates
  • An extensive range of high-ticket back-end offers
  • Great commission structure with potential for thousands per sale
  • Several full-time advisors that guide you through their challenges
  • Plenty of templates and done-for-you resources to make it easy for members to start
  • Integrate your own autoresponder with their funnels

For a beginner or something without experience it’s one of the best opportunities to start with. Because you’ll get everything provided that you’ll need.

Within the training area for affiliates, you’ve got access to the all this below…

It includes email swipe-files, and literally everything you need to start a highly profitable affiliate business.

Imagine promoting a $7 offer, that has a back-end program with offers up to $12,000.

If you get 1 in 1000 of your referrals to purchase the expensive offer, that’s a $4,800 commission if you’re a pro affiliate… That’s more than what most people make in a month!

But all you have to do is drive traffic to the $7 offer and wait for the back-end to convert. That’s the beauty in picking a good affiliate program. So make your choice with careful consideration.

Not only does Legendary Marketers Affiliate program have awesome high ticket offers. But also recurring subscription offers that means for you as an affiliate, recurring passive income.

But wait, it gets even better. Because as a Pro Affiliate, you get access to their “Extra Streams Of Income”. Which means that you can place YOUR affiliate links within THEIR program.

Legendary Marketers Extra Streams Of Income Explained

It’s pretty damn great, so when one of your referrals wants to get Clickfunnels you get credit! Because the button within their dashboard and back-office will trigger your affiliate link… See below.

LM Affiliate Program Extra Income
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The “Click Here” Button Has YOUR Affiliate Link Embed For Those That YOU Refer…

In a nut-shell, this means that you can focus completely on promoting Legendary Marketer. But still, grow your referrals for Clickfunnels, but also for AWeber, and GetResponse.

Pretty amazing right, have you heard of ANY other company that allows you do this? If you have please let us know in the comments!

What Makes A Good Affiliate Program?

For an affiliate program to be considered really good it has to pass a few requirements. If you find affiliate programs that check the following 3 requirements, it’s a good one to promote.

  • Product Quality (Has to be very good)
  • Recurring payments and/or High ticket (more money for you)
  • Must be something you would pay for yourself

We won’t bore you with the details about why this is important. But it should be pretty self-explanatory. If you follow this you’ll only promote great products/offers that you’d use yourself. But also make sure that it pay off for you as the affiliate in the long run.

Some other examples outside the Legendary Marketer Affiliate program that can promote are…

Why Legendary Marketer Is An Awesome Company To Promote

The man behind Legendary Marketer and their amazing Affiliate Program is David Sharpe. David is a well-established internet marketer who has generated over $200 million in sales for his companies. He’s founded three multimillion-dollar companies himself.

Which is exactly when I was research for someone to learn from, I decided to go with David. He’s been featured in Forbes and came from very humble beginnings.

But what’s awesome with Legendary Marketer is that it’s his passion project. It literally exists to help others use internet marketing to avoid 80-hour work weeks. Avoid feeling underappreciated, underpaid, and overworked. Because everyone has the potential to build a highly profitable online business.

By far the best value that Legendary Marketer provides is their 15-Day Business Builder Challenge. The goal is to allow complete beginners to build a business from scratch.

They’ve included everything that Dave wishes he knew before he started as an internet marketer. If you finish the program you can apply to join the Legendary Marketer Affiliate Program. (Which you should)…

To give you an idea of how involved his in the community, he did something I’ve never seen before. I asked I question in their official Facebook Group, and he added me as a friend and helped me out in messenger.

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Dave’s personal response to me…

So if you want to learn from someone that truly cares about his students and community. David Sharpe is your guy.

Any questions please leave them below.

Marcus Haerdin

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