How nice would it be if you could win your dream car as a guaranteed prize? Because who doesn’t like a free car, let alone their dream car?

What if I told you there are two different companies out there that will pay for your dream car as a reward for helping them with their marketing?

Yes really, all you need to do is help them get new customers, and if you can send them enough customers, they’ll pay for your dream car.

Not only that, but they also pay commissions on all the payments that come from customers that you referred. So by the time you’ve referred enough customers to win your dream car, you’ve also got a full-time income from recurring commission payments.

Pretty neat huh?

The Biggest Reason Most People Never Get Their Dream Car

I’ve always been a massive petrol head and I dream of having a fleet of cars, not just a garage.

Most people would love to have a fleet of cars, but they just tell themselves that “I Can’t Afford It”…

This is really unfortunate, because if you can just change that phrase to “How Can I Afford It?” instead, things change.

If you’re thinking that such a small thing won’t make a difference, think again. This mindset shift from the “I can’t, forget about it”-mindset to the “How can I?”-mindset is LIFE CHANGING.

When you make this shift, you’ll start to see opportunities everywhere. But just as important as the mindset shift, is that you start to take action.

If you start taking action, even the smallest of actions, they will start accumulating quickly.

How To Win Your Dream Car

Both of these companies, have two tiers for their dream car prize. If you refer them 100 active paying customers, you’ll get US$500 per month towards your lease or finance repayments.

But if you can refer 200 active paying customers, you’ll be getting US$1,000 per month towards your lease or finance repayments.

While you have all the right to be sceptic, I know I was, there is no reason to worry. This way of winning your dream car is done through what’s called Affiliate Marketing.

Affiliate Marketing has got a bit of a bad rap because of spammy and dishonourable affiliate marketers. But here’s what Affiliate Marketing really is.

Imagine being a sales rep, and your salary is completely commission based and you do 99% of all your sales via online media.

That’s exactly what affiliate marketing (done right) is. Furthermore, you have so many different ways you can promote and angles you can take.

The companies that have affiliate programs, really just outsource their marketing/advertising/sales to you, the affiliate.

It’s A Win-Win

This has amazing benefits for you and the company alike. Because you don’t have to worry about fulfilment, support, or any of the other headaches with running a company.

But the company also gets a fixed acquisition cost, so they know exactly what they pay for each new customer. Because you are the one responsible for driving traffic and getting sales.

Therefore the time, effort, and money you invest to do that are irrelevant to them since they just pay you a % commission.

Rewarding The Good Ones

You’ve probably heard of really good sales reps in big companies getting massive bonuses, incentives, or rewards when they perform really well right?

Well there’s a reason for that, it works really well to get their sales reps to perform better overall. 

Honestly, most people fail as affiliate marketers, mainly because they give up almost straight away.

This means, even with great commission structures, companies struggle to find great affiliates.

Therefore, many have introduced really, REALLY, awesome incentives and rewards, such as dream car prizes.

Because not only does this reward the really great affiliates, but it also helps attract more affiliates to keep growing their “commission only sales force”.

The Dream Car Programs

Clickfunnels & Builderall are the two companies that offer not only amazing affiliate programs with recurring commissions. But also both of them have the same structured dream car prize for their affiliates.

On top of any other commission you get from both companies, they have their dream car prize.

Reach 100 active paying members, and they will pay you $500 EXTRA per month towards your dream car lease or finance repayments.

But if you reach 200 active paying members, that is increased to $1,000 EXTRA per month. Furthermore, if you reach that level you’re already going to be making several thousand per month in recurring commissions.

Remember, the dream car prize, is an addition to your commission payments that you’re already getting!

Clickfunnels Affiliate Program

Clickfunnels offer 40% commission on recurring payments, but also on any additional purchases that your referrals make.

This is awesome for you, because Clickfunnels offer many products and services, that cost anywhere from $10 to $6,000.

Their 2-tier affiliate system gives you 5% commission on any earnings from referred affiliates, increasing your income potential.

If you want to learn more about Clickfunnels and the affiliate program sign up for their 14-day free trial by clicking here.

Whats Your Dream Car
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Screenshot from inside the Clickfunnels Affiliate Dashboard where you can see your Dream Car Progress (click for more info)

Builderall Affiliate Program

Builderall has two different levels, one at 30% recurring, and one at 60% recurring.

The basic level has a 2-tier affiliate commission of 10%, which is double that of Clickfunnels.

To get the 60% commission level you need to become an ambassador, which requires a special invite from a current ambassador.

Being an ambassador will also give you better 2-tier commission structure of 30% your referred affiliates income (without them earning less).

This is incredibly powerful, and if you can find great affiliates to recruit, your income potential explodes.

If you want to learn more about the Builderall Affiliate Program click here.

Picking Your Program

So now that you’re aware of the two programs that you can leverage to win your dream car, you need to pick one.

Picking one, to focus on, at least in the beginning, will be very important. Because if you try to do many things at once, you’re likely not going to do as well as if you pick one.

Clickfunnels has a much higher price point at $97 per month, while Builderall is at $49.90 per month.

But Clickfunnels has many products that you can promote that will ‘bind’ that customer as your referred customer and reward you with future commissions. (This is called a sticky cookie)

Clickfunnels also has a $297 per month level which about 20% of customers take, that means a juicy $118.80 recurring commission from 1 customer.

Builderall comes with ‘Done-For-You’ money-making funnels, that you can start using as soon as you’re signed up.

At the end of the day, you just need to pick one, change your mindset, and start taking action.

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Talk soon,
Marcus ‘Systemizer’ Haerdin

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