How Much Does Clickfunnels Cost? (Fully Explained)

How Much Does Clickfunnels Cost? (Fully Explained)

If you’re trying to figure out how much does Clickfunnels cost we can help. The reality is we all want the best Clickfunnels deals we can find am I right?  

  • Clickfunnels Startup Plan will cost you $97 per month.
  • Clickfunnels Enterprise plan will cost you $297 per month.

So as you can see the standard costs for Clickfunnels software is straight forward.  However, there are a few ways to get excellent deals with high-value packages.

But it’s important that you know that these high-value packages are all high ticket offers. Starting at $1,997. So if you just want to check out Clickfunnels 14-day trial, you can click here.

Cost Of Clickfunnels Explained
Get Your 14-Day FREE Trial Here

The absolute best deal you can only find offered from one of Russells’ webinars. The “New Secret Funnel Strategy” webinar in particular. You can see the webinar by clicking here and find the offer after it’s finished.

FBS Webinar

This deal saves you hundreds of dollars, but you’ll have to go through the webinar to findthe deal. The webinar is pretty amazing so it’s well worth to watch it.

Before we dive into exact pricing, you sould be aware of the real costs if you didn’t use Clickfunnels.

The Real Cost Of Not Using Clickfunnels

If you didn’t have a software that can do what Clickfunnels can, it’s quickly going to get very expensive. Regardless if it’s just a two-page opt-in funnel or a six-page sales funnel.

Because you’ll need a team of tech-guys…

  • Webdesigner
  • Webdeveloper
  • Integration specialist
  • Graphic designer
  • Copywriter

It doesn’t necessarily stop there, but you get the idea, it gets very expensive. But not just expensive, you get the issues that comes with contracting, hiring, and all that too.

Launcing a single funnel could easily cost you $10,000 up to 6 figures. So keep that in mind when you consider the monthly subscription fee for Clickfunnels.

Because the true cost of NOT having Clickfunnels is time, effort, and money.

Start you trial now by clicking here.

Exact Clickfunnels Costs Explained

Clickfunnels is a Software company, and their software has the same name, Clickfunnels. Their software is a Software as a Service (SaaS) product. Which means that it’s paid on a recurring basis as long as you wish to use the service.

There are great benefits for both the users and the business with this model.

  • The users get VERY affordable software, with ongoing support and updates. 
  • Often cloud-based making it easy to work from anywhere.
  • The business gets predictable recurring revenue and loyal customers.

These are important things to consider when you think about the fact that you have to pay every month. Because yes, it will incur a monthly cost for you, but the value you get is very high.

Clickfunnels Startup Plan

The basic plan for Clickfunnels is their Startup plan. The cost is very straight-forward at $97 per month (USD). This plan gives you full access to all the features within Clickfunnels. 

Further, you’ll be an affiliate by becoming a paid user. Which means you can recommend Clickfunnels to others and get rewarded for doing so.

However, the Startup plan does come with some limitations.

  • Visitors Per Month: 120,000
  • Total Pages (within funnels) Allowed: 100
  • Total Funnels Allowed:  20 

This might seem like a lot, but once you start using Clickfunnels you’ll realize something. You’ll become a funnel-addict! Building funnels is super fun, and you’ll likely become a “funnel-hacker”.

Even within the trial period, you can get your own “funnel-hacker” t-shirt… It’s very comfy by the way!

On the startup plan I constantly had to delete funnels and make sure I had room for the next one.

But the important piece here the cost of the Clickfunnels startup plan is $97 per month. Start your trial here.

Clickfunnels Enterprise Plan 

The premium plan for Clickfunnels is their Enterprise plan. The cost is very simple for this plan as well at $297 per month (USD).  However, while that seems like a big increase, there is a lot included.

Your Clickfunnels limits will be as follows.

  • Visitors Per Month: Unlimited
  • Total Pages (within funnels) Allowed: Unlimited
  • Total Funnels Allowed: Unlimted

But on top of an UNLIMITED Clickfunnels account, you also get two more software. The two extra software that you get are very relevant and exceptional to combine.

So once again, the Clickfunnels Enterprise Plan is $297 per month. Start your trial here.

Actionetics Briefly

The first one is Actionetics, which is a communication software. Specifically to create your automated follow-ups. If you’re going to be serious about online marketing, follow-up is one of the most important things to consider.

“Actionetics is like a email marketing service on steroids.”

It’s a very advanced and smart software that when used right will give excellent results. Further, the results from your sales funnels will amplify from using Actionetics. Because it’s created by the same company, the work incredibly well in sync.

Backpack Briefly

The second one is Backpack, which is an affiliate program software. If you’re using Clickfunnels to sell any of your own products or services, Backpack is awesome. Because you can now use the power of affiliates for your own offers!

Clickfunnels has exploded with users in the last few years, and a big reason for that is their affiliates. So if you have your own products and or services, Backpack is a great addition help scale.

What is The Cost Of Clickfunnels (With Deals)

So as mentioned in the first couple of paragraphs, you can find excellent deals. But they’re only available as part of High Value Packages. So what does that mean for you as a buyer?

  • High value at great price
  • Clickfunnels Entreprise Plan included (6 to 12 months)
  • Full Access to incredible educational programs included

The package above is Funnel Builder Secrets, and it starts at $1,997 and goes up to $5,997. But before you think that it sounds like a lot, you have to know what it includes.

Further, remember what we said above about getting a custom funnel built from scratch. The most expensive package (which includes 12 months of the Enterprise plan) is still a lot less. Since a custom funnel would cost you $10,000 and beyond.

What’s Included In Funnel Builder Secrets?

First of all, there are a few different levels within Funnel Builder Secrets. Each level is different and the inclusions differ slightly.

The first level at $1,997 includes 6 months of Clickfunnels Enterprise plan as well. Which is worth $1,782 on its own.

  • Funnel Hacks Masterclass ($997 Value)
  • Funnel Builder Secrets Training ($1,997 Value)
  • Traffic Secrets Lifetime Membership ($297 Value
  • 12 Months Access To Funnel Scripts ($497 Value)

The second level at $2,997 includes 12 months of Clickfunnels Enterprise plan. That’s $3,564 worth of the software component included in the package! 

Which makes the middle package the best deal if you want a discount on the Enterprise plan.

However, if you want the very best value, the $5,997 package is unreal. On top of all you get in the second level, you get an extra bonus.

That bonus 8 ClickStart Coaching Calls with an in-house expert at Clickfunnels! I can’t say anything about the ClickStart calls, but I’ve heard they’re outstanding.

The webinar is incredible and if you haven’t seen it already you should check it out. You can grab a 48-hour all access pass if you click here.

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Hopefully you’ve got a better idea of the cost of Clickfunnels now. But if you’ve got any further questions please leave them below!

Marcus ‘Systemizer’ Haerdin

Learn Funnel Hacking With The Funnel Hacks Webclass

Learn Funnel Hacking With The Funnel Hacks Webclass

Funnel Hacking is one of my favorite activities, and the best place to learn is the Funnel Hacks Webclass. But if you’ve heard about Funnel Hacking and you’re not sure what it is, let’s clear things up.

But if you’d rather attend the Funnel Hacks Autowebinar right away, you can attend for free here.

The Funnel Hacks Webclass Page, With Chat, Click The Picture To Register…

What is Funnel Hacking?

Funnel Hacking refers to the act of going through, and buying offers in a successful funnel. But doing so slowly, and studying every word, picture, video, and other elements on each page. Also taking notes, and creating swipe files with all that information.

Because that means, you now have a successful sales funnel that you can model yourself. The best way to learn something quickly is to model what already works. Which is why Funnel Hacking is such a powerful and popular way of doing it.

If you want to create a series of offers and a funnel in a specific niche, funnel hacking is where you start. Because the successful funnel has spent time, effort, and money figuring it out. 

In other words, if you funnel hack their funnel you can learn all that for just the cost of their offers. Instead of spending tonnes of money, time and effort learning the hard way.

Funnel hacking is hands down the quickest and most cost effective way to learn. 

The Funnel Hacks Webclass

The funnel hacks webclass is an autowebinar that is available for free. It’s performed by Russell Brunson, CEO, and founder of Clickfunnels. 

The funnel hacks autowebinar is a high-value training. Within the training you’ll learn three main concepts:

  1. “How To Ethically Steal Over $1,000,000 Worth Of Funnel Hacks From Your Competitors, For Under $100”
  2. “How To Clone Their PROVEN Funnel In Less Than 10 Minutes!” (This One Is Easier Then You’d Think!)
  3. How To Get Their SAME Customers To Buy Your Products” (Without Them Knowing You Exist!) 
Funnel Hacks Autowebinar Banner
Click The Banner To Attend The Funnel Hacks Autowebinar Now…

This was the first webinar that I ever saw, and the value blew me away. But as with any webinar there is an offer at the end, and I couldn’t resist. We’ll explain the offer and what’s included later in the post.

The funnel hacks webclass explains one of Russell Brunsons own funnels. Further, the funnel in particular was pulling in on average $17,947 PER DAY… Imagine the knowledge you can gather by just getting a full walkthrough of that funnel.

But the best part is, that the funnel he is showing you, he created completely through funnel hacking. Russell found a competitor in his niche and modeled what they were doing. Then improved on it and smashed it out of the park.

The Funnel Hacks Webclass Offer

As mentioned before, behind 99% of all webinars is an offer. The funnel hacks autowebinar is no different. But the offer that’s hiding behind this one is extremely good. Further, if you’re interested, we’ll sweeten the deal for you even more in the next section.

But what’s actually included? More importantly, why is the Funnel Hacks offer the best and cheapest way to get Clickfunnels?

The Funnel Hacks Webclass Offer

The is one of the most value packed offers you’ll find, here’s what you get:

  • 6 Months of The Etison Suite ($1,782 Value)
  • 6 Week Funnel Hacks Master Class ($2,997 value)
  • Instant Traffic Hacks – Shortcut To Massive Traffic ($1,997 Value)
  • Inception Secrets – Copy/Paste Sales Scripts ($1,997 Value)
  • SOAP & Seinfeld Email Sequences  ($997 Value)

Total Value: $9,770…

Whats Included Funnel Hacks
Screenshot From The Funnel Hacks Order Form…

But you get all this, ONLY once you’ve gone through the webinar, for $997. Now that’s an irresistible offer, at least it was for me. Included in this offer you get EVERYTHING you need to succeed with your first sales funnel.

The Etison Suite

With the offer you get 6 months of The Etison Suite, which is the highest level Clickfunnels offer. This would otherwise cost you $297 per month. 

It includes Clickfunnels, Actionetics, and Backpack. But if you want more information on what exactly all that is, see our Etison Suite Explanation post.

Funnel Hacks Master Class

This is a very in-depth training that covers any type of funnel that you want to create. From Opt-in funnels, to autowebinar funnels, to supplement funnels.

Logo Funnel Hacks

In this master class, you’ll learn from Russell Brunson himself. But there’s also plenty of unmentioned bonus training in there. You can even get yourself a Funnel Hacker T-shirt for free inside the members area.

Instant Traffic Hacks

You can generate traffic to your offers in many ways. The funnel hacks autowebinar covers how to find your competitors traffic sources. But once you have a working offer and funnel, you’ll want to scale that with more traffic.

logo instant traffic hacks

This awesome training will give train you how to use PPC, YouTube, SEO, Facebook Ads, and more. So you can start driving more traffic into your sales funnel.

Inception Secrets

One of the most important aspects of any offer or sales funnel is the words on the page. These words, are your copywriting, or copy. Copywriting is a hard skill to master, but with Inception Secrets, you’re sorted.

You’ll get all the scripts that you’ll need for your funnel. Which helps you draw the prospect in and convert them into a buyer.

SOAP & Seinfeld Email Sequences

Email is very powerful in many ways. You can follow-up with prospects that haven’t bought yet and convert them into buyers. But you can also nurture the relationship with your previous buyers and get them to buy more. But how do you do that?

The SOAP & Seinfeld email sequences are specific types of emails that help you do exactly that. You get a personal walkthrough from Russell on how you should strucutre them.

The Systemizing Efforts Funnel Hacks Bonus

Who doesn’t like a great offer that’s improved with more value? Well, we know that we do! So here’s our bonus offer.

If you’re interested in the Funnel Hacks Webclass, and think you might want to buy we have a bonus. Sign up for the Funnel Hacks autowebinar with our affiliate link below.

Click here to attend the Funnel Hacks Webclass. Then if you decide to buy the Funnel Hacks offer, you’ll get:

The Funnel Hacks System

  • 6 Months of The Etison Suite ($1,782 Value)
  • 6 Week Funnel Hacks Master Class ($2,997 value)
  • Instant Traffic Hacks – Shortcut To Massive Traffic ($1,997 Value)
  • Inception Secrets – Copy/Paste Sales Scripts ($1,997 Value)
  • SOAP & Seinfeld Email Sequences  ($997 Value)

The Systemizing Efforts Bonus Package

  • Email Profit Systems – The ultimate bonus to make the most of your sales funnels ($997 Value)
  • CF Success Academy – Proven methods to promote Clickfunnels ($497 Value)
  • Sharefunnel Library with 50 awesome templates ($497 Value)
  • 60 Minute Zoom Coaching Call – Get screen-share help with anything you want ($297 Value)

Total Value: $12,058 for only $997…

How To Get The Funnel Hacks Autowebinar Bonus

It’s as simple as this.

  1. Sign up for The Funnel Hacks Autowebinar Here
  2. Watch the whole webclass without distractions
  3. Buy the offer
  4. Email with the subject “Funnel Hacks Bonus”. OR contact me here
  5. You’ll get access to all our bonuses above

Make sure to take advantage of our bonus offer while you can.

The Funnel Hacks Autowebinar has a successor which is the ‘New Secret Funnel Strategy’. It’s also known as ‘TThe Funnel Builder Secrets Webinar’

However, it’s a much more expensive package. BUT it does also include the whole Funnel Hacks package in that offer. Read or Funnel Builder Secrets guide to learn more.

If the Funnel Hacks offer is a bit expensive for you right now, that’s okey. However, if you’d like to learn about an offer that’s cheaper, check out The One Funnel Away Challenge.

Leave any questions, comments, or queries below or email

Marcus ‘Systemizer’ Haerdin

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