ActiveCampaign Review & Pricing Guide (All You Need To Know)

ActiveCampaign Review & Pricing Guide (All You Need To Know)

This post will be an in-depth ActiveCampaign Review to help your decision. You’ll learn about ActiveCampaign Pricing as well as the most important features. 

If you’d rather try it out for yourself straight away, you can get a free trial here (no cc required).

ActiveCampaign is a big player in the industry for one simple reason. That reason comes down to providing an amazing product.

As a long-time marketer and having tried most other options, ActiveCampaign stands out. Continue reading to find out why!

What Is ActiveCampaign?

ActiveCampaign is an email service provider that has many amazing features. The most important and powerful features you can find detailed further down in the post. But at its core, ActiveCampaign is an email marketing tool.

Full Review of ActiveCampaign
We truly love ActiveCampaign, you’ll find out why below!…

So What’s An Email Service Provider Then?

Email service providers (ESP) are also known as email autoresponders or autoresponders (AR). AR’s play a huge role in all successful businesses marketing. Besides that, it’s also used for follow-up, sales, support, and any customer service.

But what makes EPS’s so powerful is that they can do all this for you (to an extent) on automation. In other words, once you’ve set your ESP up and got all parts connected the magic happens.

Imagine 30, 40, or even 60 days of pre-written automated emails that you send out to all leads. Emails that warm up your leads, pre-frame and indoctrinate them for you. But then also asks for the sale, sending them to a sales page so they can give you money.

Email Service Providers Can Change Your Business Forever

If you think this is ‘not for your business’, you’re wrong. Because email marketing has its place in any type of business you can imagine.

There are internet marketers that build a 6-figure business within their first year. But what’s amazing is that they do so without even having their own products. Yes, that’s right, they make 6-figures with email marketing selling other peoples products.

With that in mind, imagine what it could do for your already established business. Especially if you haven’t used email marketing before now. 

There’s a truckload of ’email marketing ‘cash waiting for you to collect it, on automation…

Why ActiveCampaign?

With so many different options out there, why is ActiveCampaign the best choice? Well, there are a few benefits to ActiveCampaign which make them stand out. But there are cases where other options could be better for you which you’ll learn about below.

Who’s ActiveCampaign For?

Who’s the ideal candidate to use ActiveCampaign, and who’s not?

Listed below are some examples of those who should be using ActiveCampaign:

  • Service-Based Businesses (Online/Brick & Mortar)
    • Consultants
    • Agencies
    • Personal Trainers
    • Massage Therapists
    • Coaches
    • Etc.
  • Brick & Mortar 
    • Services Based
    • Physical Products
    • Smaller Scale E-Commerce With Small Product Range
    • Etc.
  • Influencers 
    • YouTube
    • Instagram
    • Facebook
    • Twitter
    • Etc.
  • Internet Marketers That Are Value Driven
    • Content Creators
    • Educators

The list above is some examples of ideal candidates for ActiveCampaign. But what are some examples of those that should use other alternatives and what are they?

Affiliate Marketing: GetResponse Vs. ActiveCampaign

For internet marketers our preferred choice is ActiveCampaign. But if you focus on the MMO/BizOpp niche we recommend another option. ConvertKit is an excellent option to ActiveCampaign. Especially if you’re in the MMO/BizOpp niche.

The main reason for this is that they are more kind to the aspect of affiliate linking. While ActiveCampaign does allow it, it’s not something they want you to use too often.

Hence, if you’re looking for an ESP that is suitable for those in the MMO/BizOpp niche ConvertKit is your choice. They offer a 14-day free trial so you can check it out before you commit.

Check out ConvertKit’s 14-day free trial here.

The Cheap Alternative: ActiveCampaign Vs. MailChimp

This is a bit controversial. Because if you think that you can get something that’s actually useful for free, you’re wrong. If you have heard that MailChimp has a free plan up to a certain amount of users, then you’ve heard right.

But this is your warning, stay away from MailChimp. Because MailChimp has terrible deliverability and even worse support. The features are nowhere near ActiveCampaign or any of the other two above. So in a battle of ActiveCampaign Vs. MailChimp, please stay clear of MailChimp.

Mailchimp vs active campaign
You’ve been warned, stay away!

Even if you don’t go with ActiveCampaign, all we ask is that you stay clear of MailChimp. ActiveCampaign has a $9 plan, and if you’re not able to commit to $9 for your ESP, then using email marketing is not for you.

If you’d like to stay away from the horror that is MailChimp, you can check out ActiveCampaign here.

ActiveCampaign Features

ActiveCampaign is one of the biggest and best email service providers. Amazing automation features is one of ActiveCampaigns’ fortes. But combine that with some of the best deliverability in the industry and you’ve got gold.

Further, ActiveCampaign comes with the ability to segment and split test. But the is that they have a pixel, which allows for behavioral targeting. 

One of your subscribers visited a certain piece of content on your website? Sweet, send them an email about that topic to bond with your subscriber further. On Automation…

ActiveCampaign Email Marketing Features

The email marketing features available in ActiveCampaig are nothing short of amazing. Let’s see exactly what they are. The list below is not conclusive but the features you’ll benefit the most from.

Creating Emails & Automated Sequences

The way you build email automation and individual emails in ActiveCampaign is outstanding. You can see each email sequence from a birds-eye view and follow the path’s your subscribers can take.  This makes creating your email sequences much easier because you can see everything. 

ActiveCampaign Automation Editor
Sample of the ActiveCampaign editor from one of our automation…

But also editing your actual emails is super quick and easy. They give you a ‘spam’ score and follows practices that will ensure the best chance to hit the inbox.

Within the email-builder you have by default ‘Mobile Responsiveness’ set to on. Which is of course ideal with over 70% of all online traffic being mobile.

Email Segmentation

See 10-15 years ago ’email blasts’ worked great when you sent the same emails out to your whole list. But they don’t cut it anymore. With ActiveCampaigns awesome segmentation options, you can segment in many different ways.

Some of the ways you can segment:

  • Opened a certain email
  • Clicked a specific link
  • Purchased X product
  • Visited Y blog post/web page/product page
Segmentation Active Campaign

But then you can not only send out specific emails accordingly. You can also add tags automatically. Further, you can hide/show specific paragraphs/elements within each email.

This is amazing for you as an ActiveCampaign user. Because if you take advantage of these features you can stand out from the rest.

Sales CRM With Automation

The CRM (Customer Relationship Management) within ActiveCampaign is great for agencies and consultants. You can track your leads and tasks in the CRM.

Due to the automation features, you can trigger updates to leads without effort on your side. Notify your sales team and with the ‘lead scoring‘, you’ll know which lead has the highest priority.

The CRM is only available on the ‘PLUS’ plan at $49 per month. But it’s well worth the extra cost if you use the CRM.

You’ll also have access to a great iOS app to keep track of your leads. But you can also where they are in your email sequences and funnels and close more of them on your services.

Chrome Extension

While this might sound gimmicky, if you’re using ActiveCampaigns CRM it’s awesome. Access contact details anywhere on the internet and adds them as a new lead. But also integrate ActiveCampaign and Gmail making your work so much easier.

That’s Not All…

As mentioned above, there are many more awesome features to ActiveCampaign. If you want to see them all, head over to ActiveCampaigns website here.

Here’s a quick list of some other features included:

  • SMS Marketing
  • Site Tracking
  • Split Testing
  • Machine Learning
  • Automation Goals
  • Attribution
  • Facebook Custom Audiences
  • And More!

ActiveCampaign Pricing Guide

ActiveCampaigns’ pricing is as straight forward as it gets. All EPS will charge you depending on the number of contacts you have on your email list. Because the more contacts you have the more emails you’ll be sending.

ActiveCampaign Lite Pricing

Let’s assume that you are starting out from scratch and want their cheapest plan. This has the least amount of features but still plenty for what you’ll need at the start. 

ActiveCampaigns Lite plan starts at $9 per month, for up to 500 subscribers. Not only is this cheaper than almost all competitors, but it’s also a smaller minimum than most.

ConvertKits’ cheapest plan is $24 per month, for up to 1000 subscribers. AWeber’s’ cheapest plan is $19 per month, for up to 500 subscribers. Market Hero’s Cheapest plan is $19 per month, for up to 1000 subscribers per month.

If you decided to stick with the Lite plan, and you grow, the cost increases as follows:

  • 1000 Subscribers = $17 Per Month
  • 2500 Subscribers = $39 Per Month
  • 5000 Subscribers = $69 Per Month
  • 10000 Subscribers = $111 Per Month
  • 25000 Subscribers = $179 Per Month
  • Etc…

In other words, super affordable. But also by the time you reach 1000 high-quality subscribers, you should be making money off your list. So the cost of the service itself is of no concern.

What’s Included In ActiveCampains Lite Plan?

  • Unlimited Sending
  • Email Marketing
  • Broadcasting
  • Marketing Automation
  • Chat & Email Support
  • Up To 3 Users

ActiveCampaign Plus Pricing

If you want access to some of the more powerful features, this is the plan for you. This plan has the same cost for up to 1000 subscribers at $49 dollars and increases as follows:

  • 2500 Subscribers = $99 Per Month
  • 5000 Subscribers = $135 Per Month
  • 10000 Subscribers = $199 Per Month
  • 25000 Subscribers = $319 Per Month
  • Etc…

The features included, listed below, are well worth the extra money if you make use of the CRM.

What’s Included In ActiveCampaigns Plus Plan?

  • Everything From Lite
  • CRM w/ Sales Automation
  • Contact & Lead Scoring
  • SMS Marketing
  • Deep Data Integrations
  • One On One Training
  • Custom Branding/Domain
  • Up To 25 Users
  • & More

ActiveCampaign Professional & Enterprise Pricing

These two plans are quite a bit more expensive. By the time you need what these plans offer, the cost of the service is unlikely to be of question.

The most notable feature that you get with the Professional plan is Win Probability. Because it helps you forecast which leads that are likely to convert and to focus on right now.

However, these plans are only worth it if you make full use of their CRM already. Which is not going to be the case for most users.

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