Clickfunnels Etison Suite Explained + How To Get The Discounts

Clickfunnels Etison Suite Explained + How To Get The Discounts

The Clickfunnels Etison Suite is something you’ll hear often within the Funnel Hacking world. But what is The Etison Suite?

In this article, you’ll find out what a share funnel is, what The Etison suite is, what’s included, and why it’s worth it. But also how to get the Etison Suite at a discount.

The biggest benefit with The Etison Suite is that your Clickfunnels limits disappears. That means full, unlimited access to everything:

  • Unlimited Funnels
  • Unlimited Pages
  • Unlimited Visitors

This is super powerful if you’re planning to promote Clickfunnels as an affiliate. Because with the unlimited plan you unlock the true power of Share Funnels.

Furthermore, The Etison Suite also includes Actionetics (Email Service) and Backpack (Affiliate Backend). More about them further down.

The best Clickfunnels Etison Suite discount hides behind a webinar. This webinar is free for a limited time, click here to check it out. (More about this later…)

What Is A Share Funnel?

Share Funnels are your best way to get referred accounts under your affiliate links. A Share Funnel is a funnel from your own account, that you’ve build or adopted. You can share all funnels from your own account, hard-coded with your affiliate link.

This is how easy it is to share you funnels with others. Click the picture to access our free Share Funnel Library.

Sharing your Share Funnel is super easy and only requires your prospect to click one link. When you click this unique link, the whole funnel gets important your account.

See a video explanation of What a Share Funnel Is above…

Imagine how easy you can get referred accounts, when you can build funnels and share them. Because you can target so many niches and get as many “hook’s”out as possible.

If you want some great Share Funnels that you can share yourself, click here.

What Exactly Do You Get With The Etison Suite?

The Clickfunnels Etison Suite consists of three different Software as a Service (SaaS) products. These three are Clickfunnels, Actionetics, and Backpack.

The Etison Suite
‘The Tripple Threat’ that is The Etison Suite…

They integrate without issues and are very easy to use together. But they also integrate with almost any marketing software you want to use. However, if it doesn’t integrate you can always use Zapier as an integration tool.

Clickfunnels in The Etison Suite

If you’re reading this post, you should already know what Clickfunnels is and what it can do. If you want to read about Clickfunnels in depth, read our Clickfunnels Review.

With The Etison Suite your Clickfunnels account have no limits. This is a huge benefit, because you’ll hit your limit very fast on the $97 plan.

Again, unlocking the superpowers of Share Funnels. 

What Is Actionetics?

Actionetics is an advanced Email Service with many functionalities. Including email autoresponder, automatic list segmentation, smart-lists, and much more.

Clickfunnels have done an amazing job creating an email service. But they also work on updates and improvements on an ongoing basis.

What Is Backpack?

Backpack is your own affiliate program for your products or services. It’s based on Clickfunnels own affiliate program backend, but  made for you.

By now you should understand how powerful affiliates can be. Because you can leverage the power of someone else’s personal brand. But also having many different affiliates promote for you.

With Backpack running your own affiliate program is easy. Set up your own affiliate commission structure and everything else you need.

The Etison Suite Discounts

The full and standard price for The Clickfunnels Etison Suite, is $297 per month. But you can get a discount in a few different ways. These discounts are deals and offers from Clickfunnels. The two best and most popular ones are Funnel Builder Secrets and Funnel Hacks.

The Funnel Builder Secrets Deal

This deal you can only access behind a webinar called ‘New Secret Funnel Strategy‘. The webinar is amazing, and is well worth to watch especially since it’s free (for a limited time). 

Click here to see The Secret New Funnel Strategy Webinar.

The offer at $2,997 includes 12 months of The Etison Suite. Which works out to be $249.75 per month. But The Etison Suite is free bonus included in the deal which has some of the best marketing training you can find.

The Funnel Builder Secrets training is invaluable and includes so much content. The Funnel Hacks training is also included in The Funnel Builder Secrets deal. But regardless if you’re an affiliate marketer or business owner you need it.

Click here to read our post and learn more about Funnel Builder Secrets.

The Funnel Hacks Deal

This deal is also only accessible behind a webinar, this one called ‘The Funnel Hacks Webinar’. This is also another great webinar to watch. But the Funnel Builder Secrets webinar is the replacement, so it might disappear soon.

Click here to watch The Funnel Hacks Webinar.

The Funnel Hacks package, includes 6 months of The Etison Suite at $997. Which works out to be $166.67 per month. But same as above, The Etison Suite is a bonus on top of the training.

The Funnel Build Secrets is a much better deal and more value for your money. Because you get The Funnel Hacks offer included in it but also 12 months of The Etison Suite.

Should You Get The Clickfunnels Etison Suite?

If you can afford the investment, it’s an amazing deal. Even if you can’t you shouldn’t miss out on the webinar while it’s still free.

The webinar features Russell Brunson on stage at the Grant Cardone 10X Conference. The presentation made over $3,000,000 in sales which is a record for stage-selling.

Regardless, The Etison Suite is an amazing software suite, that can help your success in many ways. 

The Etison Suite For Affiliates

From the POV of an affiliate marketer, having no limits with The Clickfunnels Etison Suite is invaluable. Without The Etison Suite you’ll hit your limit again, and again.

Having to remove funnel, after funnel as you go is not only very frustrating. But it also means you can be missing out on referrals. 

Because if you remove a funnel, your Share Funnel link stop working. Which means if have shared that link on posts, comments, etc. it’s now useless.

Without those limits you can build a massive library of Share Funnels. But then spread your links like wildfire without worrying that you might lose out later. Further, this will give you a great advantage when you’re working towards your dream car prize.

Clickfunnels has such a high Life-Time Value of new referrals, it will pay for itself fast. So make the right decision, and sign up for The Etison Suite.

You can sign-up for the 14-Day Risk-Free Trial here, but I recommend watching the webinar here.

If you have any comments or questions, please leave them below. But you can also email or hit me up on instagram.

Marcus ‘Systemizer’ Haerdin

One Funnel Away Challenge & Bonus Offer

One Funnel Away Challenge & Bonus Offer

The ‘One Funnel Away Challenge’ or OFA Challenge, is a new offer from Clickfunnels. This is by far the best value coaching and/or training available today. 

You can access the OFA Challenge, or the waitlist if its currently closed, by clicking here.

What’s included?

  • 30 Days of Video Missions From Russell Brunson ($997 Value)
  • 30 Days of Coaching From Stephen Larsen & Julie Stoian ($997 Value)
  • One Funnel Away Challenge Customized Kit (30 Day Plan)  ($247 Value
  • Physical Copy Of The Challenge Workbook ($97 Value
  • MP3 Player With Valuable Recordings From Previous Challenge  ($297 Value
  • 30 Days Hardcover Book  ($97 Value
  • Unlimited Access to 30 Days Interviews  ($197 Value
  • Behind The Scenes – Two Comma Club Interviews ($197 Value

Total OFA Challenge Value: $3,126.

The total cost is $129.95, that’s $100 for the challenge and $29.95 shipping for the bonuses. They advertise this as costing $100 but that’s not including the shipping cost to get the book etc.

One Funnel Away Challenge Stack
What The Offer Includes (Click To View Offer)

Is The One Funnel Away Challenge Worth It?

Is it worth $129.95? You bet your sweet a** it is! Not only is the One Funnel Away Challenge itself of incredible value, but we want to sweeten the deal for you. 

This is exlusive to those who sign up under the Systemizing Effort link.

If you chose to sign up under Systemizing Efforts you’ll get FREE access to:

  • Email Profit Systems ($997 Value) – A Complete A-Z email marketing course. This will help anyone build profitable email marketing systems. Affiliate marketer or established business owner, this will help you a tonne.
  • One Funnel Away Challenge Sharefunnel Library ($497 Value) – Over 50 proven funnels built by experts that we’ve found links for. E-commerce, consulting, brick and mortar, or whatever you desire, we’ve got one for you.
  • The Systemizing Efforts Clickfunnels Crash Course ($197 Value). Our Clickfunnels course, covering the most common roadbloacks and problems. This will be free for you to offer as an affiliate bonus (white label).
  • Access To My Personal Facebook Profile ($297). Get help and guidance with whatever funnel and marketing related you might need.

Total BONUS Value: $1,988.

That brings the total value to $5,114 for only $129.95. But only if you decide to use our One Funnel Away Challenge link below.

How To Claim Your One Funnel Away Bonus Offer

  1. Click here and sign up for the One Funnel Away Challenge
  2. Email subject “OFA Challenge Bonus” 

Note: You must use the same email to buy The One Funnel Away Challenge as you email from.

That’s all you have to do to get access to our amazing bonuses. Look forward to hearing from you soon.

Have you heard of Funnel Builder Secrets? If not check out our post by clicking here.


Marcus ‘Systemizer’ Haerdin

Clickfunnels Review & Pricing Guide For 2019

Clickfunnels Review & Pricing Guide For 2019

Looking for a Clickfunnels review and a pricing guide for 2019? Then you’ve come to the right place. Following below you’ll find a comprehensive review of the software. But also an in-depth look at different pricing options.

What Is Clickfunnels?

Clickfunnels is a software as a service (SaaS) product that has many amazing features. But in short, it’s a landing page and sales funnel builder on steroids. 

Clickfunnels Logo
Click The Logo To Visit Their Official Website…

Clickfunnels in one paragraph:

Clickfunnels is kinda like a sales person in a retail setting. But, not any sales person though, a skilled and efficient one. One that can take your customers on the journey you want them go through. Thus delivering a better experience and more value to your customers. Because the more value and better experience you can deliver, the more money in your pocket.

The main uses of Clickfunnels are the following.

  1.  Landing Pages (Squeeze Pages) To Collect Contact Information (Email, Name, Address)
  2. Sales Funnels To Sell Products & Take Process Payments 
  3. Increase Average Order Value Compared To E-Com Stores With Up-Sells, Down-Sells, & Cross-Sells
  4. Give The Customer The Best Buying Experience. (While Taking Them Through The Journey You Want To Take Them Through)
  5. Build Membership Sites To Deliver Content/Courses

Clickfunnels offer a 14-Day Risk-Free Trial that you can access here.


It’s a powerful product that anyone can use, without any tech knowledge. You won’t need any developers or designers because of its easy-to-use editor. Further, the drag-and-drop editor is in ‘What You See Is What You Get’ (WYSIWYG) format.

This is great for its user because you can see what you’re building as you are building it. You can create simple, efficient, and great looking landing pages and sales funnels. 

The whole point of Clickfunnels is to allow anyone to create landing pages and sales funnels. But not only is the actual editor easy to use but the back-end as well.

Clickfunnels Behind The Scenes

When it comes to the actual organization behind your actual pages, it remains as easy. Navigating your different landing pages, and sales funnels are also made to be as simple as can be.

Anything that you need to change is easy to access and most of the time only a click or two away. But even more important is the fact that Clickfunnels integrates with almost everything.

Next Stop, Integration Station

We live in a world where integration is crucial. There are thousands of tools that you might want to use in combination with Clickfunnels. Luckily, most of the popular and big names will integrate with Clickfunnels.

But if the don’t, have no fear, because Zapier is here. Zapier is a free tool that will integrate with Clickfunnels and any other tool you can think of. So if there is no direct integration then you can use Zapier to connect them together instead.

Yet, if your tool doesn’t support Zapier or Clickfunnels integrations, you’re in luck. Clickfunnels supports Webhooks, which can be more advanced to use, but they will do the trick.

This makes Clickfunnels the leader in the industry for easy integration. Making your life easier because you can automate anything. Regardless if that is on a simple 1-page landing page or a 10-page sales funnel.

Clickfunnels User Review

I’ve been a Clickfunnels user since November 2017 and it has been great. Is it a perfect product? Of course not, but they put a lot of effort and profits towards improving everything about it.

Clickfunnels is through and through a great investment if you make use of the software. You’ll make your money back fast if you use it the way you’re mean to use it.

As with anything if you buy it, and leave it on a shelf, it won’t do anything for you.

But, buy it, join the #FunnelHacker Community, and study their free training and you’ll get so much value. Clickfunnels will always continue to produce great content and plenty of free training.

Only joining the community then engaging and connecting within it is worth a lot. The Funnel Hacker community is where you find many 7-figure entrepreneurs. But also elite marketers, copywriters, funnel builders that offer their help and guidance.

Clickfunnels Pricing Guide

So what will Clickfunnels cost you? First of all, there are two standard plans that you can sign up for. These plans differ in a few important aspects as shown below. But there are a few deals and hidden tricks that can allow you to pay less.

Standard Plans

Clickfunnels $97 Per Month

The basic plan for Clickfunnels you pay $97 per month for. This gives you full access to the Clickfunnels software and its features. You’ll have a few limits to your account on things you can create through:

  • 20 Funnels
  • 100 Pages Total Across Your 20 Funnels
  • 120,000 Visitors (This is nothing to worry about)

The Etison Suite $297 Per Month

The Etison Suite is the full software product package from Clickfunnels. This includes Clickfunnels, Actionetics, and Backpack. While this is a very powerful suite, it’s a big investment at $297 per month.

With The Etison Suite, your Clickfunnels will not have any limits on funnels or pages.

Pricing Etison Suite

Actionetics is an email service, which includes many smart features. However, it is a competitive option to email services such as Active Campaign and ConvertKit. The biggest benefit of Actionetics is being inside the same platform as Clickfunnels. Also, this it makes everything easy to access and integration seamless.

Backpack is your own affiliate program backend. If you make use of Backpack and get one single sale from an affiliate, it’s paid for the cost of Backpack. You’ll be able to leverage the power of affiliates and JV’s without much effort using Backpack.

Clickfunnels Discounted Deals

Without going into too much detail, there are a few ways to get Clickfunnels at a discount. These deals, are great training programs, where Clickfunnels is a ‘free’ bonus.

The deals are:

The Funnel Builder Secrets includes 6 or 12 months of The Etison Suite. But it depends on which pricing level you decide to buy at. 

The $1,997 level includes 6 months of The Etison Suite. However, at $2,997 and above you get 12 months of The Etison Suite for free.

The quality of content in Funnel Builder Secrets is crazy good and worth the money alone. Consider that you get full access to The Etison Suite on top of that and it’s a no-brainer.

Click here to watch the free Funnel Builder Secrets webinar that offers this deal.

Funnel Hacks is the predecessor to Funnel Builder Secrets. Thus, you can’t officially find access to it, but we have a secret link. This deal includes awesome training and 6 months of The Etison Suite for $997.

Click here to check out the Funnel Hacks webinar that offers this deal.

The Clickfunnels $19  Sharefunnel Plan

You can get access to a $19 per month plan of Clickfunnels if you go through a specific process. This is the Sharefunnel Plan, and you can only get access via someones Sharefunnel Link.

A Sharefunnel Link is a unique link to a Clickfunnels funnel that someone has built. They’ve built it inside their own account. But with the click of this Sharefunnel Link, you get your own copy of the funnel.

See the video above to learn more What A Share Funnel really is…

It’s an amazing feature but it also works as a signup link. When you click a Sharefunnel Link you’ll have to log in to your Clickfunnels account. But if you don’t already have one you can create one.

  1. Click here to go to the Sharefunnel page.
2. Create Your Free Account
3. Pick The $19 Sharefunnel Plan

In this process, and this process only, you’ll have the option to pick a $19 plan. This option is only offered via a Sharefunnel Link, and only if you don’t have an account already.

Click here to access the Sharefunnel Option. (Note: You can not use an email that you’ve used with Clickfunnels before.)

Is Clickfunnels Worth It?

This is something only you can answer depending on your needs and budget. Even if you’re only starting out and need a way to capture leads with lead-magnets it’s an awesome product.

The best part is how fast you can get a new squeeze page or even a complete sales funnel up and running. If I need a quick, but high converting squeeze page up, I can do it within 5 minutes. That includes email service integration…

Doing the same thing with a WordPress option such as Divi, or Thrive Themes would take much longer. That alone makes Clickfunnels worth it for me, because time is money.

But it’s also allowed me to increase my conversion rates while also get a higher average order value. This has meant more revenue, higher profit margins, and thus more money re-invested. 

Please leave any questions or comments below or email

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Marcus ‘Systemizer’ Haerdin

Traffic Secrets Book – Russell Brunson’s 3rd Upcoming Book

Traffic Secrets Book – Russell Brunson’s 3rd Upcoming Book

Traffic Secrets is finally coming. Russell Brunsons third book has a rumoured release date in September 2019. 

Are you excited? I know I am! Here’s Russell’s own quote from the cover of the Traffic Secrets book.

“This book shows the simple process that we have used to get TENS OF MILLIONS of people to come to our sites every month. It’s a simple strategy that any company could implement, even if they don’t understand what traffic is.”

– Russel Brunson
Traffic Secrets Book
Click the image to jump on the wait-list to get access on release!

In this book you’ll discover the lost secrets of filling your funnel with the right traffic. 

The most important thing you can do while you wait, is to sign up for the waitlist below. 

Why? Because Russell will only print a small number of Traffic Secrets copies with the first run. Because this will create scarcity, and buzz around the book. Which in turn means free marketing and sharing of his message.

So you can either be ready as soon as it arrives, or miss out on getting the book early. Your choice.

Sign up for the Traffic Secrets waitlist here.

Russells Brunson’s Previous Books

Russell’s previous books DotComSecrets and Expert Secrets have been lifechanging for me. They are still today two of my most recommended books.

Free DotComSecrets
Hold My Fresh DCS Copy, Click To Get Your Own Free Copy!

If you haven’t read DotComSecrets and Expert Secrets you need to order them now. You can get both for free if you cover shipping and handling so it’s a no brainer.

You REALLY should read both of them before Traffic Secrets releases. Because you’ll be in the best possible position to make use of the gold you’ll find inside.

If you want to order DotComSecrets, click here (free + shipping).

If you want to order Expert Secrets, click here (free + shipping).

However, I would recommend ordering one of them and selecting The Black Box Up-sell. Because that way you get both books, but also a heap of additional booklets, stickers, etc.

The Black Box Contents
The Contents Of The Clickfunnels Black Box (Click To Order, Offered As Up-Sell)

I’ve personally bought The Black Box Twice.

Because I carefully study the funnel that you go through as you buy it. This is one of the best ways to learn how to create efficient sales funnels.

This is what we call ‘Funnel Hacking’ in the Clickfunnels community. It’s a lot of fun and very efficient at learning more about sales funnels. The Traffic Secrets funnel should be amazing and I can’t wait to Funnel Hack it.

Marcus ‘Systemizer’ Haerdin

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