How To Save a Clickfunnels Page as Template (Step By Step Guide)

How To Save a Clickfunnels Page as Template (Step By Step Guide)

I’ve been asked how to save a Clickfunnels Page Template a handful of times now. So I thought it was time to create a quick guide on the matter. Because once you know the process it’s very easy to do.

Saving your Clickfunnels (CF) Page template is going to save you heaps of time. Because as you learn to create great designs and high converting pages, you can just use those as templates.

How To Save A Clickfunnels Page Template Video Tutorial

If you prefer video I’ve recorded a quick video showing the process that you can see here. Or just watch it below.

Saving Clickfunnels Templates – Step By Step Instructions

The main reason why people can’t find the button to save their own page templates is this. You can only do it inside the “Classic Editor”… I’m not sure why they’ve made it this way, but I guess it’s one less thing to confuse people with. However, you’ll only need to go into the classic editor to save your Clickfunnels page template.

Step 1 – Click The Funnel Where Your Desired Clickfunnels Page Is

This is pretty straight forward. You’ll need to enter into the funnel where you have the specific page that you want to save a template of.

Saving Your Clickfunnels Page Step 1

Step 2 – Make Sure You’re In The Correct Step Of The Funnel

Obviously if you want to save a specific page, you’ll need to be in the correct step. Otherwise, you’ll be saving a Clickfunnels Page Template that’s the wrong one.

Step 3 – Click Edit In “Classic Editor” (IMPORTANT)

This is the most crucial step because you can not save Clickfunnels Page Templates in the normal editor. To do so you need to click the hyperlink that’s underneath the normal “Edit Page” button.

Step 4 – Click “Settings” In The Top Right Corner

Then it’s pretty straight forward here. In the top right corner, you’ll find a button to enter the “Settings”.

Saving Your CF Page Step 4

Step 5 – Click “Save Page As Template”

Finally, this is where you can save your Clickfunnels page as a template! You’ve reached the goal of your mission, almost. You got to give it a good and logical name as well of course.

Saving Your CF Template Step 5

Step 6 – Name Your Clickfunnels Page Template Logically

Just be smart about it, give it a name that’ll be easy to know what it is. Your templates will be automatically save as the type of page it is. So it’ll show up in that type of page when you go to add a new page to a funnel. But you still want a name that describes it well.

Saving Your Clickfunnels Template Step 6

Step 7 – Where To Find All Your CF Page Templates

If you’d want to see all your templates in one place go here. You can see them listed there and you can also delete any if you need to.

Saving Your Clickfunnels Page Step

Step 8 – Add Your Own Template As A New Page (or “step”)

If you want to add your saved Clickfunnels Page Template to a fresh page or “step”, first add a new “step”.

Step 8 Save CF Page Template

Step 9 – Name Your New Funnel Page (Step)

Chose a name that’s suitable for the type of Clickfunnels page it will be. Don’t make it hard for yourself…

Step 9 Save Clickfunnels Page

Step 10 – Find Your Desired Saved Clickfunnels Page Template

Your templates will now be shown at the top of all the templates for that type of page. If you wish to see only your own templates simply click “Show Only My Templates”.

Step 11 – Select Your Desired Clickfunnels Page Template

Simply click “Select Template” to add your saved Clickfunnels Page Template to your new “Step”.

Step 11 Select Your Clickfunnels Page Template

Bonus Hack: Save $200 Per Month With This Trick

Because most of use Clickfunnels users have the $97 per month plan, we have account limits… Do you find that you often reach your 20 funnels or 100-page limit? Because I do, and how frustrating is it?!

Well, most of the time I’ve realized that I’m only ever using actively 2-3 maybe 4-5 funnels at a time. So what you can do instead, is to simply save the pages of the funnels you aren’t using.

That way you’ll always have them available even if you archive your funnel and they get deleted. Because when you archive a funnel, it’s queued for deletion by Clickfunnels.

So instead of upgrading out of frustration when really you only need the extra funnel limit. Just save all your pages and then archive the funnels!

If that hack has helped you, I’ve got a favour to ask. Check out the absolute killer 15-Day Challenge from Legendary Marketer by clicking here. It’s next-level if you want to create a profitable online business!

Click to join the free challenge, no CC required!

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What Is The Secret Affiliate Machine? In-Depth Explanation

What Is The Secret Affiliate Machine? In-Depth Explanation

The Secret Affiliate Machine, or SAM Funnel, for short, is a gamechanger. The creator, Jordan Mederich has created something unique. It’s an absolute killer way to get a flow of Clickfunnels referrals without much effort.

If you want your own Secret Affiliate machine now, click here to get yours free. (The best way for you to understand what it is, is to check it out yourself…)

Click the banner to get your own Secret Affiliate Machine

The Secret Affiliate Machine is kinda like an autonomous car. Once you’ve got the car and you’ve personalized it, it’ll do the driving for you. Speaking of cars…

Win Your Dream Car Secret Affiliate Machine

Once you’ve set up your own Secret Affiliate Machine you’ll see your referrals grow. QUICKLY. See Jordan himself, started from scratch and won the dream car within a few weeks.

But when he realised how crazy powerful it was, he wanted to share it with others. Because if you can do exactly what he did using his methods, that’ll strengthen his personal brand.

Now imagine yourself having your own Secret Affiliate Machine. Which grows your passive income, Clickfunnels referrals, and eventually pays for your dream car…

Before you read the next section, I want to you ask yourself a question. 

What’s your Freedom Number? What I mean by that is, what would your monthly income goal be from internet marketing?

For some a few hundred can be life-changing, for some, it’s $1,000, for others $10,000.

So, what’s your Freedom Number? ?

Secret Affiliate Machine For Passive Income

Passive income is the most powerful word in internet marketing. Because it’s what everyone wants to achieve, but it’s hard to get if you don’t know how. The beauty of the Secret Affiliate Machine is that passive income is the main goal.

The number one focus of it is to grow your Clickfunnels referrals. Now Clickfunnels is an AWESOME software, that I’ve been using for years. But they also have something else which is very important. Which is an amazing affiliate program.

Now let’s pretend that your Freedom Number, is $4,000 per month in passive income. For most people, that’s plenty to cover all living costs.

If we count the monthly recurring commissions from Clickfunnels this is the math:

  • Freedom Number: $4000 per month
  • Commission Rate: 40%
  • Clickfunnels Basic Plan Cost: $97
  • Commission Per Referral: $38.80
  • $4000 / $38.80 = 103 Referrals Required

So you ONLY need 103 referrals to reach your Freedom Number! Furthermore, when you reach 100 referrals something else happens. You’ll get an extra $500 per month to pay for your dream car on top of your normal commissions.

  • 103 Referrals from your Secret Affiliate Machine and you can stop working (literally)…
  • 103 Referrals from your Secret Affiliate Machine and you don’t have to worry about your car repayments…

Now imagine if you kept your job a little longer, and re-invested that passive income. Hence, getting even more traffic and exponentially grow your referrals… That’s the true power for passive income from the Secret Affiliate Machine.

Is Secret Affiliate Machine Legit?

Look, the primary function of Secret Affiliate Machine is to get referrals for Clickfunnels. So your real question should be what is Clickfunnels? Because then you’ll realize how legit the Secret Affiliate Machine is.

So what is Clickfunnels?

Clickfunnels is a landing page/sales funnel builder. The founder of Clickfunnels popularized sales funnels in today’s world. They’re also the fastest growing, non-funded, SaaS-company in the history.

Clickfunnels Logo

The Secret Affiliate Machine will introduce them to Clickfunnels which is awesome. Because Clickfunnels is such great software. But what makes Clickfunnels special is also the company and the community they’ve created. They call it a CULT-ure, because it’s almost like a cult, in a good way!

Someone introduced me to Clickfunnels in a similar way over two years ago. But I’ve stayed to use Clickfunnels for my own digital marketing agency and much more.

In other words, your referrals are VERY likely to stay a paying customer once they start. This makes your Secret Affiliate Machine incredibly powerful.

Get your own Secret Affiliate Machine by Clicking Here.

Win Your Dreamcar With Your Secret Affiliate Machine

You’ve already read about the dream car prize that Clickfunnels Affiliate Program offers. But there’s more to it. Now if you get your own Secret Affiliate machine going, you’re not going to stop it anytime soon.

What’s really awesome is that yes, you’ll get $500 per month for your dream car at 100 referrals. But, when you’ve reached 200 referrals, you’ll get bumped up to level two, which means $1,000 per month.

My day job is in car sales, and a rule of thumb is that for every $1000 to finance, it will cost about $5 per week. In our case, we’ve got $1000 every four weeks, or $250 per week. 

So to get a rough idea of what kind of car you can get from these payments the math is:

($250 / $5) * 1000 = $50,000

Obviously depending on where you live this will give you different options. But considering most of you’ll be from the United States, here are some examples.

BMW Secret Affiliate Machine
Fancy a German?
Maserati Secret Affiliate Machine
Or an Italian with a Ferrari engine?…

The Best Time To Start Your Own Secret Affiliate Machine Is TODAY

It’s kinda like the saying that goes:

The best time to plan a tree was twenty years ago, the second best time is NOW.

The soon you start your own Secret Affiliate Machine, the earlier you’ll reap the benefits. It’s really a machine that fuels itself.

Because once you start receiving your passive income, you can put it back into the machine. Things then start snowballing. 

The more referrals you get, the more your income grows. 

The more of that income you re-invest in your machine, the more referrals you’ll get.

More referrals, more income, re-invest. Before you know it, that $4,000 which was your freedom number, is now $40,000…

Once you find a system like this one, you should double down quickly. Drive traffic any way you can. Be that using the traffic source recommended in Secret Affiliate Machine or others.

Create blog posts, videos, social media profiles, and anything you can think of. Because the more you can capitalize early on, the more it will pay off later.

The Secret Affiliate Machine Funnel

Funny enough, the Secret Affiliate Machine Funnel is the Machine. The whole system runs on Clickfunnels, and thus the Secret Affiliate Machine is a funnel.

Your machine is a funnel, and the funnel is your machine, get it?

A funnel is a series of purpose-built pages. A funnel will take your prospects/customers through the journey you want them to go through. They are almost always very straight forward, and free from distractions. But more importantly, filled with clear instructions and call-to-actions.

So not only is everything hosted on Clickfunnels. But Clickfunnels also pays the majority of your commissions. In other words, be thankful that Clickfunnels has such awesome features. But also for their crazy affiliate program.

Now we’ve mentioned before that Clickfunnels pay 40% commission on their $97 plan. But what if I told you, that they pay 40% commission on EVERYTHING. Furthermore, they’ll pay those commissions on ANYTHING your referrals buy in the future.

Not only do they have a $297 plan, which at 40% means $118.80 per month instead of $38.80. Further, about 20% of all your referrals will use the $297 plan.

But they also have offers that pay commissions from $1 all the way up to $2,398.80. Including several other recurring offers. Clickfunnels and their Founder Russell Brunson happen to be amazing at marketing. But also at providing products and services that make sense for their users.

So once you bring in referrals, Clickfunnels has many offers that will be relevant for them. If they buy any of those offers, you’ll get your commission on that sale. Pretty awesome huh?

The Goal With Your Secret Affiliate Machine

It’s not only an awesome introduction to internet marketing but a life-changing opportunity. If you ONLY get 3 referrals from the system your Clickfunnels subscription is free.

Three single referrals, abolishing the cost of the whole machine. 

In other words, from the 4th referral and forward, it’s all going to be profit. Obvious this will depend on how you get your traffic. But if it’s all organic and free traffic it’ll be all profit.

The main goal is to simply drive as much traffic to your Secret Affiliate Machine as you can. If you can’t afford to use paid traffic, then focus hard on the organic traffic sources.

  • Social Media Networks
  • Blog Posts
  • YouTube (YouTube is super powerful for beginners…)
  • Quora
  • Etc…

If you can afford paid traffic, you can consider these sources as well.

The more people you can put in front of your Secret Affiliate Machine, the more money you’ll make. It’s really that simple.

If you use paid traffic, make sure that you track your spending and return on that traffic. Because if you can put $1 into a traffic source, and on average get back $2. Well, that’s a $1,000,000 funnel right there…

How To Guarantee Success As An Affiliate

While there are no guarantees you’ll succeed, there’s something important to mention.

97% of people who ‘try’ internet marketing never make any money. Guess why…

Because they don’t stick to a system long enough to start seeing the results. Further, many of the never even take any action at all.

But you can be part of that 3% by simply sticking to your Secret Affiliate Machine. All you need is to take some form of action every day. Start growing your traffic as much and as quick as you can.

Have your follow-up in place, for affiliate marketers, AWeber is usually recommended. Click here to get your 30-day trial.

But the most important factor is that you don’t give up. Keep taking action, don’t be the gold digger who stopped digging 1 inch away from the gold…

If you decide to start your own Secret Affiliate Machine, I’ve got great news. First, you can grab your own free copy by clicking here.

Second, within the pages, you’ll find a link to add me as a friend on Facebook. That’s my private Facebook profile, and I will personally help you with anything you need help with.

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Amazing Selling Machine Review – Cost, Bonuses & Guarantees

Amazing Selling Machine Review – Cost, Bonuses & Guarantees

In this Amazing Selling Machine (AMS) Review, you’ll learn all you need to know about the program. But you’ll also find answers to what is Amazon Selling and Retail Arbitrage? Further, why should you even care about Amazon Selling?…

logo amazing selling machine
Click The Logo To Get Their Free Amazon Training

Why Should You Care About Amazon Selling?

Because of two things, Amazon Selling:

  1. Is one of the best ways to free yourself from your 9-to-5.
  2. Has created more millionaires than anything else in the last five years.

There are hundreds of courses out there on Amazon Selling, but very few are good. However, there are some awesome options, such as Amazing Selling Machine.

They do offer a free training series on how to build a successful business on Amazon. Which you can get access to here, or by clicking the banner below.

In this post you’ll find the answers to the following questions:

  • What is Amazon Selling & Retail Arbitrage?
  • What is Amazing Selling Machine Really?  

If you’re too curious and want to see what their students think you can click here. (P.S. their results are pretty shocking, see Nicks results below…)

Nick Success Story Amazon Selling
Click The Image To Read More Success Stories

 (*) TYPICALITY DISCLAIMER: These member’s results may not be typical. ASM members joining between 2013-2016 who completed the program and launched a new brand had median annual revenue of $60,750.00. 

What Is Amazon Selling & Retail Arbitrage?

We’ll get to Amazing Selling Machine in a minute but we need to cover these topics first. Because Amazon Selling and Retail Arbitrage is misunderstood by many. But also confusing for many others.

But when broken down it’s simple, makes sense, and you’ll probably have an ‘aha’ moment. However, the best place to start is with Retail Arbitrage, so here’s a clarification…

Retail Arbitrage Explained 

Let’s pretend that you see an item on Ebay that sells for $100. There’s plenty of sellers for the item but they all sit around the same price point.

One day you walk into Walmart, and you see that they are selling the same item. But they are selling it for only $50. You think to yourself, hmm, I could buy this item at Walmart, then sell it on Ebay for a $50 profit.

So you buy the item, go home, list the item at a few dollars below the lowest price. The next morning you wake up and see that someone has purchased the item of you.

You send off the package with a smile on your face. Because you just made a $50 profit by buying an item at a low price and selling at a higher price.

That my friend is Retail Arbitrage. This is legal to do and happens all the time all over the US and the rest of the world. But it happens at a massive scale as well as small scale.

When a store purchase their inventory, they often buy big amounts, or in bulk. Which means they get a better price. So that when they sell it, they can sell the items individually but with a profit.

Buy low, sell high. That’s Retail Arbitrage. While there are many ways to increase the profits, the basics remain the same. Buy low, sell high.

Amazon Selling Explained – Amazon FBA Intro

One of the most costly and time-consuming parts of retail arbitrage is shipping and handling. Regardless if you’re a standalone online store or if you’re selling on Amazon.

While anyone can get started with Amazon Selling, we’re only going to explain the best way of doing it. Which is through the Amazon FBA (Fullfilled By Amazon) Program.

The Amazon FBA Program allows you to use the Amazon website and platform to sell. But they will also store, and then ship your items when your receive and order, for you.

In short these are the steps involved:

  1. Find an item or items you want to sell on Amazon. Make sure your supplier/manufacturer provides bulk discount.
  2. Order a quantity that gives you a great discount.
  3. Ensure your items are of good quality on arrival.
  4. Decide on a price point that is competitive with other sellers.
  5. List the item on Amazon.
  6. Prepare your items so you can ship them to a Fulfillment By Amazon Warehouse. (If you want to include any branded packaging etc.)
  7. Ship your items to the Fulfillment By Amazon Warehouse in bulk.

Now Amazon takes care of everything for you, and you really only have to maintain stock at the warehouse. So you don’t have to worry about, selling, shipping, or any of those headaches. Pretty neat huh? 

What Is The Amazing Selling Machine Really?

Amazing Selling Machine is a educational training program and community.

The program teaches people to the exact steps to create a physical products brand leveraging the power of Amazon.

But that means competition is fierce, and you will need to learn from the best to have success. But also finding a resource that is constantly updated and supports you from the start to finish. Which is exactly what Amazing Selling Machine is.

The guys behind Amazing Selling Machine have worked with many high level entrepeneurs. Such as Sir Richard Branson and Robert Kiyosaki.

Their students have generated $8.6B (Yes, Billion) in sales. But if you’re not convinced, check out their free Amazon Training Series by clicking here.

What’s Included In Amazing Selling Machine?

ASM is a very extensive educational training program. Because it covers everything involved with selling on Amazon. One really important thing that you have to consider is future updates.

Because many course creators and “guru’s” will put together a quick course to make money fast. But Amazing Selling Machine is not one of those.

In their most recent update, ASMX (X for version number 10) the did the following.

  • 100% of the material and content updated
  • 40% of the content is brand new

You also get lifetime upgrades to every new version of the core ASM Web Class. But the actual content included is ASM is:

  • Eight Module Web-Class
    • Over 120 video lessons teaching you Amazon A to Z
  • ASM Mentor Program
    • Experienced Amazon sellers with an average of $1.8 million in sales on Amazon
    • Help, motivation, and answers from your mentors day and night.
  • The Private Resource Vault
    • Collection of resources you can use
    • Discounts, extended trials, and contact information to top providers
  • ASM Alliance Platinum Access
    • Lifetime Access to the ASM Community
  • The Automation Tool Suite (Brand New Addition)
    • 1st Tool – The Manage by Stats Toolset
      • 12 Months access to an amazing statistics tool
    • 2nd Tool – The Brand Launchpad & Continual Sales System
      • 6 Months access
      • Helps you launch products and products immediate sales
    • 3rd Tool – The ASM Business Dashboard
      • Get access to all your important stats within the ASM portal
    • 4th Tool – The Ultimate Keyword & Product Research Toolset
      • 90 Days access
      • Quickly find which products that match the ASM criteria
      • Find out how much your competition is selling
      • & Much more

What’s Does Amazing Selling Machine Cost?

AMS really is in a class of its own, and the cost has over time increased. But as the cost has gone up a little bit, the value has grown exponentially.

At the time of this writing, the cost of Amazing Selling Machine is $4,997. But you can also split your payment into a payment plan. The payment plan is $997 split over 6 payments every 30 days. So again, here your two options for paying for Amazing Selling Machine:

  • $4,997 if paid upfront
  • $5,982 if paid in 6 monthly installments of $997 each

They sometimes offer cool bonuses depending on when you sign up. But they also have an awesome money-back guarantee.

However, you’d be best off by checking out their free training series first. Because you’ll get a great understanding of how professional it is.

You can check out their free training series by clicking here. But if it’s just too expensive for you, there’s another option that’s much cheaper. You can find out more about Zon Ninja X by Kevin David here and watch his free webinar.

Amazing Selling Machine Guaratees & Bonuses

AMS offers a money back guarantee and sometimes great bonuses for new members. While the guarantee is always active, the bonuses usually come with new versions of ASM.

The guarantee is a 30-day mone back guarantee. Which allows you to go through all material without any risk at all. Just as for a refund within 30 days and they’ll send your money back without any questions asked.

One recent bonus that you could get a $1,000 credit for your first inventory order. Which is awesome because you’ll get inventory included with the cost of the program. Unfortunately, this bonus is no longer available.

But if you decide to purchase Amazing Selling Machine through our link, we got a bonus for you. You’ll get free access to Email Profit Systems. Which is an A to Z email marketing course, perfect for e-commerce businesses.

All you need to do is to sign up for ASM by clicking here. Then email with subject “ASM Bonus”.

It’s worth noting that within the course we use ActiveCampaign as the email software. Because it’s by far the best one available today.

Thanks For Reading Our Amazing Selling Machine Review!

Hopefully, this post has shed some light on Amazing Selling Machine for you. Please leave any comment, questions, or feedback below, or email

P.S. I’m an affiliate for Amazing Selling Machine, and will receive compensation if you buy. Of course this is without any extra cost to you, and if you do you get my exclusive bonus above.


Marcus ‘Systemizer’ Haerdin

The Legendary Marketer Review (All You Need To Know)

The Legendary Marketer Review (All You Need To Know)

It’s time for our review of The Legendary Marketer. Within this Legendary Marketer review, you’ll find the following:

  • What Is The Legendary Marketer Really? 
  • Legendary Marketer Product Range & Pricing
  • The Exact Legendary Marketer Pricing
  • Legendary Marketer Compensation Plan
  • Is Legendary Marketer a good fit for you?
  • Does Legendary Marketer Work?

UPDATE 10/06/2019: Their 15-Day Challenge has been updated with brand new content. It’s now (in my opinion) ten times better and the value is UNREAL. Join the challenge while it’s still free by clicking here.

2019 review legendary marketer

The Legendary Marketer is spreading like wildfire, and for good reason. Products and offers do not spread this wide and fast unless they’re awesome at their core. Because if they’re you and other prospects will see straight through it.

The man behind The Legendary Marketer company is David Sharpe. David Sharpe is the founder of not one but three million-dollar companies.

His passion lies in creating simple systems that people can duplicate. But also teaching people to leverage those systems to create a full-time income. While only working part-time hours!

If you’re eager to learn more about David Sharpe and his mission then be sure to check out his book. He is currently doing a promotion for the book where he’ll send you a copy for free.

Click here to check out David Sharpe’s Legendary Marketer Book.

David Sharpe Book
Click The Image To Order Your Free Copy

Without further ado, let’s talk about what The Legendary Marketer really is…

What Is The Legendary Marketer Really?

Let’s start with the short answer first, to try and make it easy to understand. The Legendary Marketer is kinda like the Netflix of internet marketing. It covers digital marketing, affiliate marketing, and networking marketing.

But with the underlying intention of helping its users and members to grow their income. Because these skills, when harnessed the right way can be very lucrative. 

The Legendary Marketer has training, offers, and products starting from scratch. But goes all the way up to the most advanced levels of internet marketing. 


Which is awesome because if you’re a complete beginner you can grow with the products. But if you’re experienced you can dive into the middle of it and cherry pick what you need.

Answering the question What The Legendary Marketer Really Is is tricky. Because the company and its platform has so much on offer. But the overarching idea is to help normal people like you and me, to grow our income. With the ultimate goal of financial freedom to do the things, you dream of.

Regardless if that is spoiling your significant other, travel the world, or whatever it is. The Legendary Marketer does offer plenty of awesome and free content. But some of their high-ticket programs go all the way up to US$30,000.

Sign up for your free Legendary Marketer account by clicking here.

As you can imagine, answering the question in detail will take some time. Which is why we’ve broken down the different offers and what’s included below. That should make it more clear what’s more relevant to you.

Legendary Marketer Product Range

This section is going to take up the majority of this post. But it will give you a better idea of how it works. The pricing of each and the commissions offered you’ll find explained in the next section.

As mentioned above you can get access to lots of content free by creating an account. You can create you free account by clicking here. But the true and powerful value lies in their awesome membership and the paid courses.

The following products and offers are going to be arranged by their price. Starting with the least expensive offer that they have, the Legendary Marketers Club.

The 15-Day Online Business Builder Challenge

Since it’s been updated, the challenge packs unbelievable value. It’s also made most other Legendary Marketer Reviews outdated because they’re based on old content. You wouldn’t want to miss out on something that’s free and has an incredible value, would you?

Further, it’s not even a sales funnel that leads to paid products. But purely educational with step-by-step instructions on how to start even if you’re a complete beginner.

Review Of Legendary Marketer Challenge
Content From Day 1 – 55 Value-Packed Minutes!

There’s no credit card required to sign up for the Legendary Marketer 15-Day Challenge, and you get access to a free success coach. But most are skeptics to this “success coach” because they think that it’s a salesperson undercover. However, I can assure you it’s not.

The call you’ll have with your adviser or coach is like a discovery call. Which will help you find your own tailored path to move forward on. They’re extremely helpful and by no means being pushy to sell you other offers.

They do have other offers of course which CAN be offered if they fit your profile. But it’s a very subtle offer and your response, whether yes or no, is truly respected.

The Legendary Marketer 15-Day Challenge is outstanding for beginners and experts alike. Join while you can by clicking here.

The Legendary Marketers Club

This is what’s given the Legendary Marketer the ‘Netflix of internet marketing’ name. Because it’s a membership that’s paid on a monhtly basis, packed with value. But the value is all provided through video content, hence Netflix.

Legendary Marketer Club Membership

It’s their flagship subscription product. It includes all the education and resources you’ll need to start your online business. But also anything you might need to grow and scale it further along.

The membership includes monthly live virtual training workshops. But also access to a new class taught by an expert on a topic that’s relevant to internet marketing.

Here’s More Of What’s Included

  • Video Content With David Sharpe: The basic steps to start, set-up and scale your own business.
  • Private biz success coach: Access to your own personal success coach. Your own coach that’s there to help students understand how to become profitable.
  • 7-Figure (Done-For-You) Funnels: Plug-and-play PROVEN sales funnels. The best part is that you can let Legendary Marketer do the follow up for you. But If you prefer to follow up with your own emails you can do that as well.
  • Done-For-You Video Ads: Video ads almost always out-do image and text based ads. But they are much harder to create. In this system you get high quality, high converting ads included.
  • Done-For-You Ad Copy: Writing copy is hard and time-consuming to learn. So Legendary Marketer gives you the copy you’ll need for your ads.
  • Done-For-You Email Sequences For Your Follow Up: The money is in the list, and the fortune is in the follow up. With the system you get all you need to build your list, and done-for-you sequence for your follow up.
  • High Ticket, High Commission, Back-End Products: Earn BIG. Once you start referring people, they’ll get exposed to the high-ticket offers. These offers go all the way to $30,000 and pay 40-60% commissions. Imagine a $12,000 commission…
  • Traffic & Lead Generation To Grow & Scale: Keep new leads coming into your funnels. Get the down-low on how to maintain a constant stream of high buyer intent leads.

Super high value for the cost, and one of their most loved offers. You can learn more about Legendary Marketers Club by clicking here.

Legendary Marketers Club Price: $30 per month, recurring subscription.

The Traffic Rolodex Bundle

With paid traffic being the only efficient way to scale with unlimited volume, it can be a gold mine. But mastering the different advertising platforms is very hard and time consuming. 

Traffic Rolodex

The Legendary Marketer’s Traffic Rolodex Bundle includes eight courses. Each course covering different platform for paid traffic. Google Ads, Facebook Ads, YouTube Ads, and many more.

This bundle could be one of the best investment you’ll make for yourself and your business this year. Because once you know how to use paid traffic well, you can scale profitably quickly.

Traffic Rolodex Bundle Price: $247 (one-time).

Affiliate Marketing Business Blueprint

Only about 3% of people who venture to make money online ever become successful at it. What sets those 3% apart comes down to two things. 

  1. Taking ACTION, and keep taking action consistently
  2. Following PROVEN strategies and methods that work

The Affiliate Marketing Business Blueprint will provide you with the latter. Hence, all you need to succeed is to follow that up with action. Within the blueprint you’ll learn how to find the winning products. But also how to get set up from scratch, make your first sale, and then scale it.

If you have one but not the other it’s not going to work. The action taking is 100% up to you so stop blaming your lack of actio on bullshit excuses. But finding strategies and methods is harder, but Legendary Marketer got you covered.

Affiliate Marketing Business Blueprint Price: $2,500 (one-time).

Digital Products Business Blueprint

Selling digital products is an awesome business model. Because you  fulfill your orders with a simple download or signup link. So you don’t have to worry about physical products, shipping, or any of that.

This blueprint will give you the exact steps you need to take to create your own Digital Products. But also how to make a business out of it. David Sharpe has mastered this, and the proof is in Legendary Marketer itself.

Digital Products Business Blueprint Price: $2,500 (one-time).

Coaching And Consulting Business Blueprint

Specific expertise is always in high demand, and sharing your expertise can pay very well. There’s very likely an expert hiding in you regardless of what you think. 

If you don’t believe me check our review on the Expert Secrets book here.

But this blueprint will show you how to identify your niche and create your offer. Further, you’ll get the exact breakdown on how to clarify your pitch for an easy sell.

Coaching And Consulting Business Blueprint:  $2,500 (one-time).

Events And Masterminds Business Blueprints

Again this is something that David Sharpe and Legendary Marketer is awesome at. He hosts sold-out masterminds that go all the way up to $30,000 to attend. 

While the digital world we live in thrive online, in-person events are still powerful. More powerful that you’d ever think. Which is why the top entrepreneurs and marketers today attend many and hosts them as well.

Opportunities to feel that in-person energy, network, shake hands, and socialize. Build your own community with in-person events and have raving fans for life. But do so by following a proven blueprint to short-cut the process.

Events And Masterminds Business Blueprints Price: $2,500 (one-time).

Legendary Marketer Mastermind

This is David Sharpe’s and Legendary Marketers first level of in-person event. During the Mastermind you’ll learn from the world’s top online marketers.

LM In-Person Mastermind

It’ll cover the most relevant traffic sources, lead generation, and conversion strategies. David is proud of how this mastermind always delivers something that’s unique. But also about the fact that they always overdeliver.

This Mastermind is a combination of a membership and content delivery. Once you’ve attended your first Legendary Marketer Mastermind, you’re a member for life. 

Which means you’ll have access to the event and the recordings. But you’ll also be able to attend future Masterminds at a huge discount as a member.

Legendary Marketer Mastermind Price: $8,000 (one-time).

Legendary Entrepreneur Mastermind

This is an event that focuses on entrepreneurship. Filled with wealth, health, and wisdom hacks. But also growth tips and performance strategies. Because scaling to 6 or 7 figures will need different strategies than scaling to 8 and above.

Like the Legendary Marketer Mastermind, when you attend your first one your a member for life. Which gives you access to future Masterminds at a low-cost deposit.

These Masterminds are smaller and held in unique settings, like mansions or similar. They focus on creating an environment of intimacy to maximize growth and creativity.

Legendary Entrepreneur Mastermind Price: $12,000 (one-time) 

Legendary Marketer Lifestyle Experience

This is the highest level that David Sharpe offers. This is only for those that are truly committed and driven beyond most normal people. If you’re striving to live a life others barely dream of, this might be for you.

Here’s what it is:

  • Private inviation to a exotic mastermind location, outsite the US
  • Networking with the top internet marketers in the world
  • 365 days of access to David Sharpe’s Personal Coaching Group
  • 4 days of exlusive VIP after any other in-person events now and in the future

Yes this is very expensive, and while I haven’t attended, it sells out every time. People come back for more, so you can imagine the value that’s delivered with the price tag it has.

Legendary Marketer Lifestyle Experience Price: $30,000 (one-time)

Legendary Marketers Product Range Is Evolving

At the time of writing this post, these are the products that they offer. However, David Sharpe is an amazing marketer and always strive to improve.

Which means changing current products, developing new products, and cancelling others. So what you actually find could be different from what you’ve read here. 

If you want to learn more and join the 15-day free business builder challenge, click here.

Legendary Markter Compensation Plan

One thing that makes Legendary Marketer awesome is their kick-ass compensation structure. Their compensation plan is awesome for affiliates, especially if you’re a pro affiliate.

Being a “basic” affiliate is free, and opens up the affiliate program, and 10% to 30% commissions.

But upgrade to “pro” for $29.95 per month, and you get access tp 40% to 60% commissions.

Legendary Marketer Affiliate Commissions

On both basic and pro, you only get the higher commission level, 30% or 60% on the lower ticket products. Which at the moment is only the Legendary Marketers Club which is $30 per month.

So a basic affiliate would get a $9 recurring commission. But a pro affiliate would get $18 per month.

Hence, as soon as you have 2 or more active referrals for Legendary Marketers Club you can upgrade. Because that means you’ve covered the cost of your own pro affiliate membership.

But the magic comes when you’re driving a decent volume of traffic. Because Legendary Marketer have coaches and phone sales that work really well.

Legendary Marketer High Ticket Commissions

If you have any success as a Legendary Marketer Affiliate you should upgrade quickly. Because it’ll be the difference between making a $1,000 commission and a $250 commission. So not being a pro member would directly mean a $750 loss…

The coaches and sales team are very good at getting members to ascend and buy their products. So don’t take the risk of not being a pro affiliate even if you only send a little bit of traffic.

Here’s the compensation for each individual high ticket product IF you’re a pro affiliate:

  • Affiliate Marketing Business Blueprint:  You earn $1,000. 
  • Digital Products Business Blueprint:  You earn $1,000. 
  • Coaching And Consulting Business Blueprint: You earn $1,000. 
  • Events And Masterminds Business Blueprint: You earn $1,000.
  • Legendary Marketer Mastermind:  You earn $3,200.

But there’s even higher ticket products as you’ve seen above, this is the compensation for those:

  • Legendary Entrepreneur Mastermind:  You earn $4,800. 
  • Legendary Marketer Lifestyle Experience:You earn $12,000…

That $12,000 is obviously rare, but that would’ve been $1,000 if you’re only a basic affiliate… That’s a $11,000 loss, because you didn’t want to pay $29.95 per month.

Is Legendary Marketer A Good Fit For You?

So as we said before, there are two things that the 3% that succeed online have in common. That is that they take action and they follow proven methods and strategies that work.

Legendary Marketer offers awesome content and ONLY proven strategies and methods. So only real question you need to answer is if you are willing to take action?

But also are you will ing to take action, and do so consistently, until you start seeing results. Because many people start, the “give it a go”, and give up before the results start.

If you’re new to the online marketing game, I’m here to tell you that it’s easier than most think. But the problem is that they’re impatient.

But once you start getting results, that motivates you to keep going. So all you need, is to keep taking action until you get your first commission. Then it will be much easier to keep taking action as the commissions will come in more and more often.

Getting Started With Legendary Marketer

So Legendary Marketer has the right content no doubt. But do you have the action taking that’s required? If you do, then it’s definitely a good fit for you.

The best place to start is without doubt Legendary Marketers Club. Incredible value at only $30 per month and you’ll make your money back fast. You can join by clicking here.

But if you want to learn more without any spending any money there’s a free Option. You can join their 15-day online business builder challenge for free! Join now by clicking here.

Does Legendary Marketer Work?

This is almost as silly as asking does a ball roll? Well yes it does, but not on it’s own it needs a force to move it first. Legendary Marketer has huge potential if you take the right amount of action.

There are few programs out there with as much potential to do well, but also to grow with. Because they have products ranging from $30 up to $30,000. 

Only you can answer this question because only you can get that ball rolling… But here’s what other people say!

1st Legendary Marketer Review
2nd Legendary Marketer Review
3rd Legendary Marketer Review
4th Review Legendary Marketer

Hopefully you’ve got a clearer view of what Legendary Marketer is now. Please leave any questions, comments, or queries below or email

Check out my favorite landing page tool, Clickfunnels, in this review by clicking here. (It’s also what David Sharpe uses…)

Marcus ‘Systemizer’ Haerdin

108 Proven Split Test Winners By Russell Brunson & How To Get It

108 Proven Split Test Winners By Russell Brunson & How To Get It

108 Proven Split Test Winners, yes that is the title, is exactly what the title says. This book from Russell Brunson and DotComSecrets Labs is full of gold. But is there a 108 Proven Split Test Winners PDF version (Hint: No there’s not…)? And other frequently asked questions answered below.

If you’re eager to order your own copy ASAP, click here to order it now.

I’m a massive fan of Russells ‘Secrets’ Books, Expert Secrets, and DotComSecrets. But this book is in a different category altogether. Instead of methods, strategies, and concepts, 108 Proven Split Test Winners gives you A or B.

What do I mean by gives you A or B? Well the book contains the results from 108 split tests. Which means if we can do A or B, which gives the best result?

108 Proven Split Test Winners PDF
Grab Your Own Copy By Clicking The Photo

This is an amazing book because you can save yourself so much time, money, and effort.

Within 108 Proven Split Test Winners you’ll find the straight answer to questions such as:

  • Is A Green or a Red order button better?
  • Should you do a 7-day trial or 30-day trial?
  • Does it help to include a video on your long copy sales letter?
  • Should you use the wording “buy now” or “free trial“?

And another 104 amazing split test on top of that. Arguably, the 108 Proven Split Test winners book, is a MUST HAVE for any internet marketer. Regardless if you’re selling your own products, or if you’re an affiliate.

Because these small but crucial changes, can be the difference between being in the red or black. Further, you get the book and many other physical and digital products for only $19.95…

108 Proven Split Test Winners Review

Look, the book itself and the information inside are worth thousands themselves. Because it gives you a very easy to follow structure for you landing pages and sales funnels.

My favorite takeaway from 108 Proven Split Test Winners relates to social proof. Because social proof is THE most powerful principle of influence. But it’s still very underused by many businesses and internet marketer.

In this particular split test, they wanted to fill the empty space under the order button. Russell Brunsons business partner Todd Dickerson had an idea of how to fill it. But little did he know that it would have such a huge impact on results.

What Todd did was he took three short but strong testimonials and put them under the order button. As you can imagine this is an excellent placement for a testimonial. Because if your prospect has filled out their info and is looking at the order now button, they’ll see them there.

Example Testimonial Graffiti
‘Testimonial Graffiti’

So what was the increase from this little tweak that you learn in 108 Proven Split Test Winners? Well the page without testimonials had a 14% conversion rate. But the new version with testimonials had a 21% conversion rate. That’s a HUGE 44% increase, and can be a gamechanger for any business!

Further, this is only one of 108 Proven Split Test Winners within the book. Each page has a split test that could be worth thousands of dollars for you and your business.

If that’s not enough evidence to convince how much value is in this book, then I’m lost for words! But I wont give up yet, so make sure you keep reading ;)…

Get Your Own Copy Of 108 Proven Split Test Winners Book by Clicking Here

108 Proven Split Test Winners Frequently Asked Questions

There’s quiet a few questions that pop up regularly about the 108 Proven Split Test Winners book. So following below is an attempt to answer as many of your questions as possible. Do you have a question that’s not answered? Please let us know in a comment below.

Can You Get 108 Proven Split Test Winners For Free?

Well this is a tricky question, the answer is yes and no. Because you can only get the book as a bonus as part of a different offer. This offer is Funnel University, which is a monthly membership.

But the good news are that Funnel University has a 14-Day Free Trial. Which means that you can sign up to get the bonuses, then cancel straight away. But if you do, make sure you log into the members area before your trial is over. Because Funnel University has amazing content and  you get amazing share funnels inside.

While the trial is free, obviously shipping the physical bonuses out is costly. So to get the bonuses including 108 Prove Split Test Winners you’ll have to cover the cost of shipping. Which is $19.95 within the us, or $29.95 for international.

What Else Do You Get With The Funnel University Bonus Offer?

Apart from the 108 Proven Split Test Winners you get a tonne of other stuff. This is what’s included for you:

  • 108 Proven Split Test Winners
  • Funnel Stacking: The 3 Core Funnels & How The Work Together
  • One Physical Copy Of A Funnel U Issue
  • The Funnel U Black Card (8 Webinar Recordings From Russell $$$)
  • Funnel U – The Handouts (Booklet With Russells Doodles)
  • Funnel Hacker & Builder Stickers
  • 14 Day Funnel U Trial (Make Sure You Get All The Goods Inside)
  • Plus More Bits & Pieces

Let’s just say that for $19.95, it’s an absolute steal… Click here to get your own copy!  

How Many Pages Does 108 Proven Split Test Winners Have?

While the book isn’t exactly of Game Of Thrones length, it stands on it’s own. 108 Proven Split Test Winners comes in at 141 pages in total. But the number pages are irrelevant, because the content is so great.

The pages are full of illustrations, pictures, and the split test examples. Which is awesome for you because it’s much easier to understand. But the text accompanying is straight to the point, short, and concise.

So the actual value across the 141 pages is mind boggling. By the time I reached page 20, I had the same look on my face as I did when I saw ‘The Red Wedding’. I couldn’t believe that I got so much value for the low ticket it was.

How Long Does It Take To Get The Book Delievered?

Depending on where you are in the world it can take up to three, sometimes four weeks. But I live in Australias most isolated state capital, and it took bang on two weeks. So you’re likely to get it within two weeks of ordering.

  • Estimated Delivery: Two Weeks (Depending On Where You Live)

The Real 108 Proven Split Test Winners?

This is impossible to answer, but let’s use our imagination. If you sell a $100 digital product in the form of a course. On average you spend about $40 in advertising to sell one course. Because the product is digital, there is no cost to fulfill your orders.

Which put you at a $60 profit per sale, without using any order bumps or up-sells.

If you’re paying $2 per visitor and have to spend $40 to get one customer, that means you’ve got a 5% conversion rate. So what happens if we take the example we spoke about above to consideration?

Let’s say you add some testimonials under your order button and see an increase of about 44%. That’d bring your 5% conversion rate up to 7.2% instead. Seem insignificant? 

This means that if you pay $2 per visitor, you know only have to spend $27.78 to sell one course. Your profit just went from $60 to $72.22 per sale, from a 2.2% increase in conversion rate…

With a profit margin like above, you should be doing big volume from the start. Let’s say you sell 100 courses per month, that’s $7,222 in profit per month, instead of just $6,000.

All from a small tweak that took you about 3 minutes to put in place. Yet if you had to figure this out yourself, you might not ever have…

In this example above, one could say that the book is worth $1,222.

Without Your Own Products Is The Book Useful?

I made use of many of the different split test winners even before I had my own products. Because businesses and internet marketers should be growing their email lists. But doing so will be so much easier and quicker with these proven winners that you get within the book.

So if you don’t even have your own products yet, you can still use the winners from the book. Tweak your squeeze pages, use what you learn in email subject lines, and so forth. There’s no limit to where you can apply the information within the book.

Building an email list should be a core part of your marketing strategy. But that requires an awesome email service provider, we recommend ActiveCampaign. Check out our Active Campaign Review here.

Can You Get 108 Proven Split Test Winners As A PDF?

No unfortunately it’s not available as a digital product in the form of a PDF. Part of the reason for this is that Russell Brunson is very smart. He understands the power of receiving something tangible, like a physical book.

Ordering Your Own Copy Of 108 Proven Split Test Winners

So it’s time for you to order your own, but you don’t want to end up paying anything extra. Well I was in the same position, and it’s quiet easy.

All you need to do is click here to sign up for the Funnel U trial and pay the $19.95 shipping for the bonuses.  

Funnel U Bonus
The Funnel U Bonuses You Get When You Sign Up…

Then once you’ve signed up, reach out to the Clickfunnels Support Here. Say that you wish to cancel your Funnel U Subscription and they’ll do it for you.

That way you’ll get 14 days of access to Funnel University and your bonus package. But you won’t pay more than the price of the shipping for the bonus package itself.

Ethical or not? Well that’s up to you to decide… Funnel U is great value for money regardless which you’ll find within your trial period.

If you’d like to learn more about Clickfunnels, check out our Clickfunnels Review here

Bonjoro Pricing & Review + Guide On How To Use It Best

Bonjoro Pricing & Review + Guide On How To Use It Best

The Bonjoro Pricing levels are straight forward. So this post will function primarily as a review and guide on how to best use it.

If you’re a bit confused as what it is, and how it works, you’ve come to the right place. I use this awesome tool for two separate projects.

Bonjoro is amazing, it gives you a way to connect with your leads and customers in a unique way. Using personalized video messages will create a strong impression. Further, you can access their free plan by clicking here, or below, and try it for yourself!

Banner For Bonjoro
Clikc The Banner To Sign Up For Bonjoro For Free!

But before we start let’s get the pricing question cleared up.

Bonjoro Pricing & Their Different Plans

Good news, Bonjoro has a free plan! Not a trial plan that’s limited in use or in time. But a free plan. While it does have limitations of course, it’s still awesome considering it’s, well, free…

You can experience the true power of Bonjoro with the free plan. Then upgrade when you feel that you need it. Because you’ll get the more advanced features, custom branding, or more automations.

Bonjoro Pricing Plans

Free Plan – $0 Per Month

This plan gives you the opportunity to try out Bonjoro completely risk-free for as long as you want. I use the free plan for both my projects. But it does limit you a few different ways such as:

  • Unlimited Videos (Bonjoros)
  • One Message Template
  • One Automation
  • Bonjoro Branding

But if you structure your strategy the right way, you can still get so much out of the free plan.

Essentials Plan – $25 Per Month

If you want to use Bonjoro with more flexibility, this plan might be one you can grow into.

  • Three Automations
  • Custom Branding
  • More Message Templates

This is a great and still very affordable plan.

Grrrowth Plan – $45 Per Month

This plan gives you unlimited message templates and the ability to send Bonjoros to five at a time. 

  • Unlimited Message Templates
  • Remove The ‘Bear’ Badge (Full Custom Branding)
  • Animated Video Previous (Can Boost Views)

This plan is for you if you want completely custom branding. No ‘bear’ logos or branding will be within your emails or landing page.

What is Bonjoro?

Bonjoro is a unique software that can be powerful to connect with your audience. Whether that audience is your leads, prospects, customers, or clients, this will work. But what is one and what is the process of involved in sending one?

Review of Bonjoro
Check Out The Official Website By Clicking The Logo…

A Bonjoro is a personalized video message with a Call To Action and Button pointing to your chosen URL. This is super effective in creating a strong first impression and initial bond.

Because not only will they see your face on video, but it’s a unique personalized video. You’ve taken the time and effort to create the message for them personally. Few will ever do that, and you set yourself apart right away.

Setting It Up 

Using Bonjoro is easy because it integrates with most Email Service Providers (ESP). But also Zapier so even if your ESP doesn’t integrate you can still connect them.

Our favorite and recommended ESP is ActiveCampaign and you can check out our review here.

Then whenever your ESP receives a new contact, you’ll get a prompt to send a Bonjoro. Then all you have to do is make sure you have your template set up and shot the video.

That’s it, it’s super easy to get started, and take advantage of this (still) unique method. Don’t miss out and get start with Bonjoro before everyone else.

When you sign up you’ll get a video from the guys at Bonjoro. I’ve received personal videos from the CEO as well as other employees. These guys are cool and they walk the walk.

Sign up for your own free Bonjoro account by clicking here.

Leave any questions, comments, or queries below or email

Marcus ‘Systemizer’ Haerdin

Learn Funnel Hacking With The Funnel Hacks Webclass

Learn Funnel Hacking With The Funnel Hacks Webclass

Funnel Hacking is one of my favorite activities, and the best place to learn is the Funnel Hacks Webclass. But if you’ve heard about Funnel Hacking and you’re not sure what it is, let’s clear things up.

But if you’d rather attend the Funnel Hacks Autowebinar right away, you can attend for free here.

The Funnel Hacks Webclass Page, With Chat, Click The Picture To Register…

What is Funnel Hacking?

Funnel Hacking refers to the act of going through, and buying offers in a successful funnel. But doing so slowly, and studying every word, picture, video, and other elements on each page. Also taking notes, and creating swipe files with all that information.

Because that means, you now have a successful sales funnel that you can model yourself. The best way to learn something quickly is to model what already works. Which is why Funnel Hacking is such a powerful and popular way of doing it.

If you want to create a series of offers and a funnel in a specific niche, funnel hacking is where you start. Because the successful funnel has spent time, effort, and money figuring it out. 

In other words, if you funnel hack their funnel you can learn all that for just the cost of their offers. Instead of spending tonnes of money, time and effort learning the hard way.

Funnel hacking is hands down the quickest and most cost effective way to learn. 

The Funnel Hacks Webclass

The funnel hacks webclass is an autowebinar that is available for free. It’s performed by Russell Brunson, CEO, and founder of Clickfunnels. 

The funnel hacks autowebinar is a high-value training. Within the training you’ll learn three main concepts:

  1. “How To Ethically Steal Over $1,000,000 Worth Of Funnel Hacks From Your Competitors, For Under $100”
  2. “How To Clone Their PROVEN Funnel In Less Than 10 Minutes!” (This One Is Easier Then You’d Think!)
  3. How To Get Their SAME Customers To Buy Your Products” (Without Them Knowing You Exist!) 
Funnel Hacks Autowebinar Banner
Click The Banner To Attend The Funnel Hacks Autowebinar Now…

This was the first webinar that I ever saw, and the value blew me away. But as with any webinar there is an offer at the end, and I couldn’t resist. We’ll explain the offer and what’s included later in the post.

The funnel hacks webclass explains one of Russell Brunsons own funnels. Further, the funnel in particular was pulling in on average $17,947 PER DAY… Imagine the knowledge you can gather by just getting a full walkthrough of that funnel.

But the best part is, that the funnel he is showing you, he created completely through funnel hacking. Russell found a competitor in his niche and modeled what they were doing. Then improved on it and smashed it out of the park.

The Funnel Hacks Webclass Offer

As mentioned before, behind 99% of all webinars is an offer. The funnel hacks autowebinar is no different. But the offer that’s hiding behind this one is extremely good. Further, if you’re interested, we’ll sweeten the deal for you even more in the next section.

But what’s actually included? More importantly, why is the Funnel Hacks offer the best and cheapest way to get Clickfunnels?

The Funnel Hacks Webclass Offer

The is one of the most value packed offers you’ll find, here’s what you get:

  • 6 Months of The Etison Suite ($1,782 Value)
  • 6 Week Funnel Hacks Master Class ($2,997 value)
  • Instant Traffic Hacks – Shortcut To Massive Traffic ($1,997 Value)
  • Inception Secrets – Copy/Paste Sales Scripts ($1,997 Value)
  • SOAP & Seinfeld Email Sequences  ($997 Value)

Total Value: $9,770…

Whats Included Funnel Hacks
Screenshot From The Funnel Hacks Order Form…

But you get all this, ONLY once you’ve gone through the webinar, for $997. Now that’s an irresistible offer, at least it was for me. Included in this offer you get EVERYTHING you need to succeed with your first sales funnel.

The Etison Suite

With the offer you get 6 months of The Etison Suite, which is the highest level Clickfunnels offer. This would otherwise cost you $297 per month. 

It includes Clickfunnels, Actionetics, and Backpack. But if you want more information on what exactly all that is, see our Etison Suite Explanation post.

Funnel Hacks Master Class

This is a very in-depth training that covers any type of funnel that you want to create. From Opt-in funnels, to autowebinar funnels, to supplement funnels.

Logo Funnel Hacks

In this master class, you’ll learn from Russell Brunson himself. But there’s also plenty of unmentioned bonus training in there. You can even get yourself a Funnel Hacker T-shirt for free inside the members area.

Instant Traffic Hacks

You can generate traffic to your offers in many ways. The funnel hacks autowebinar covers how to find your competitors traffic sources. But once you have a working offer and funnel, you’ll want to scale that with more traffic.

logo instant traffic hacks

This awesome training will give train you how to use PPC, YouTube, SEO, Facebook Ads, and more. So you can start driving more traffic into your sales funnel.

Inception Secrets

One of the most important aspects of any offer or sales funnel is the words on the page. These words, are your copywriting, or copy. Copywriting is a hard skill to master, but with Inception Secrets, you’re sorted.

You’ll get all the scripts that you’ll need for your funnel. Which helps you draw the prospect in and convert them into a buyer.

SOAP & Seinfeld Email Sequences

Email is very powerful in many ways. You can follow-up with prospects that haven’t bought yet and convert them into buyers. But you can also nurture the relationship with your previous buyers and get them to buy more. But how do you do that?

The SOAP & Seinfeld email sequences are specific types of emails that help you do exactly that. You get a personal walkthrough from Russell on how you should strucutre them.

The Systemizing Efforts Funnel Hacks Bonus

Who doesn’t like a great offer that’s improved with more value? Well, we know that we do! So here’s our bonus offer.

If you’re interested in the Funnel Hacks Webclass, and think you might want to buy we have a bonus. Sign up for the Funnel Hacks autowebinar with our affiliate link below.

Click here to attend the Funnel Hacks Webclass. Then if you decide to buy the Funnel Hacks offer, you’ll get:

The Funnel Hacks System

  • 6 Months of The Etison Suite ($1,782 Value)
  • 6 Week Funnel Hacks Master Class ($2,997 value)
  • Instant Traffic Hacks – Shortcut To Massive Traffic ($1,997 Value)
  • Inception Secrets – Copy/Paste Sales Scripts ($1,997 Value)
  • SOAP & Seinfeld Email Sequences  ($997 Value)

The Systemizing Efforts Bonus Package

  • Email Profit Systems – The ultimate bonus to make the most of your sales funnels ($997 Value)
  • CF Success Academy – Proven methods to promote Clickfunnels ($497 Value)
  • Sharefunnel Library with 50 awesome templates ($497 Value)
  • 60 Minute Zoom Coaching Call – Get screen-share help with anything you want ($297 Value)

Total Value: $12,058 for only $997…

How To Get The Funnel Hacks Autowebinar Bonus

It’s as simple as this.

  1. Sign up for The Funnel Hacks Autowebinar Here
  2. Watch the whole webclass without distractions
  3. Buy the offer
  4. Email with the subject “Funnel Hacks Bonus”. OR contact me here
  5. You’ll get access to all our bonuses above

Make sure to take advantage of our bonus offer while you can.

The Funnel Hacks Autowebinar has a successor which is the ‘New Secret Funnel Strategy’. It’s also known as ‘TThe Funnel Builder Secrets Webinar’

However, it’s a much more expensive package. BUT it does also include the whole Funnel Hacks package in that offer. Read or Funnel Builder Secrets guide to learn more.

If the Funnel Hacks offer is a bit expensive for you right now, that’s okey. However, if you’d like to learn about an offer that’s cheaper, check out The One Funnel Away Challenge.

Leave any questions, comments, or queries below or email

Marcus ‘Systemizer’ Haerdin

The Perfect Webinar Script, Slides & Secrets (All You Need To Know)

The Perfect Webinar Script, Slides & Secrets (All You Need To Know)

The Perfect Webinar Script has never been so relevant as it is at the moment. Because webinar’s are all the rage right now. Further, the most successful ones use The Perfect Webinar Script from Russell Brunson. So what exactly is The Perfect Webinar Script?

The Perfect Webinar Russell Brunson
Click The Banner To Get It For $4.95 Now (Retail $19.95)

Before we start let’s clear up what a Webinar is… 

By definition a webinar is a seminar conducated online. 

But what’s a seminar then? A seminar is a conference or other meeting for discussion or training. Usually hosted at specific dates/times or on-demand.

The most common form of webinars you see today are training webinars. Further, the training is almost always free, and of very high value. But they often close with an offer that’s only available at that specific place and time.

So they provide value packed, free content, and as it finished up they make an offer. That way the host can monetize the people who’ve watched the webinar. But you won’t have to pay to attend, while the host can still make a profit.

The Perfect Webinar
The Birds-Eye View Of The Perfect Webinar…

The Perfect Webinar is a product from Russell Brunson. Which is the exact framework to create webinar’s that are high in value. But also structured in a way so that you maximize the potential sales you’ll make at the end.

The Perfect Webinar contains the scripts that allow you to plan exactly what to say, when to say it, and how to say it. Russell Brunson has spent an insane amount of time and effort perfecting it. To make The Perfect Webinar the undisputed champion of creating high converting webinars.

Russell Brunson – The Perfect Webinar Master

If you’re not familiar with Russell Brunson, he is the CEO, and founder of Clickfunnels. Not only is he a genius marketer, but an outstanding stage presenter.

In 2018, he presented at the Grand Cardone 10X Conference, in  The Perfect Webinar style. With that 90 minute presentation, Russell closed over $3,000,000 from an audience of 9,000. Which is likely a record for stage selling as of today.

You can see a recording of this incredible presentation here for free. It’ll be the best 90 minutes you spend this year, the value is unreal (FBS LINKS HERE)

Russell is also creating training based on the results of this presentation. You’ll be able to get access in 2019 and it’s called 10X Secrets. You can sign up for the wait-list here.

The Perfect Webinar is one of Russell Brunson’s most valuable concepts. But it’s also something that he works hard to improve and perfect further. In addition to that, getting access to the scripts won’t cost you a fortune. Even though he could charge five figures for the insane value it is…

How To Get The Perfect Webinar Script

Getting The Perfect Webinar Script is easy, and super affordable. All you need to do is click the link below, and order your own copy. It comes both as a digital and physical product. Hence you’ll need to give up your address and contact details. But it’s only going to cost you $4.95, not $19.95 which is the retail price.

Click here to order your copy of The Perfect Webinar Script.

However, it doesn’t end there, because as you know by know Russell has more to offer you. There’s two up-sells in the sales funnel for The Perfect Webinar.

Up-Sell One: The Perfect Webinar Slides

This up-sell is going to give you The Perfect Webinar Slides. Both in PowerPoint and Keynot format. Which takes out a lot of the work setting up the slides yourself. Because it has the script built in to the slides, but also since you won’t have to do it from scratch.

So how much will The Perfect Webinar Slides offer cost you? Well, the offer is only available in the sales funnel and is $47. But trust me when I say that it will save you so much time and effort. 

To me it was a nobrainer, but I also got the 2nd up-sell, which is where the real value truly lies.

Up-Sell Two: The Perfect Webinar Secrets Training

This is where The Perfect Webinar excels, the training from Russell himself. Further, you also get the a copy of the Funnel Hacks webinar funnel included when you buy this up-sell. Which means you have everything you need to get your own webinar up and running. Don’t forget, You’re Just One Funnel Away

In The Perfect Webinar Secrets offer you get a total of 3 hours of video training from Russell Brunson. Which you’ll find split into two parts.

The first part is a video from Russell talking you through The Perfect Webinar Script and Slides. Because even though you have the slides and the script, performing it is different. However, with this 70 minute video, you’ll have a much chance of nailing it right away.

The second part is a video from Russell about The Perfect Webinar and The Perfect Funnel. This covers The Perfect Webinar strategy as a whole. Going over the funnel, the follow-up, the reasoning behind why and how etc… It’s almost two hours long and very detailed.

The cost of this up-sell is $297, and again, to me, it was an easy choice. Even though I still haven’t created my own webinar yet, I know it will be invaluable when I do. Which is in the works right now.

Don’t Overthink It, Get The Perfect Webinar

Seriously, at the end of the day, The Perfect Webinar Script is $4.95. So skip your Starbucks today and put it towards something useful instead. Even if you don’t get the up-sells it’s still an incredible offer.

Overall it’s an easy 5 out of 5 from Systemizing Efforts, so don’t hesitate.

Grab it here.

If you’d like to read our post on Clickfunnels or ActiveCampaign, click the links. Or perhaps you’d want to check out the Expert Secrets or DotComSecrets Book reviews?

If you want more high level content from Russell and Clickfunnels, check out Funnel Builder Secrets.

Leave any questions, comments, or queries below or email

Marcus ‘Systemizer’ Haerdin

Expert Secrets Book Review – Russell Brunsons 2nd Book

Expert Secrets Book Review – Russell Brunsons 2nd Book

It’s time for the Expert Secrets Book Review to follow our DotComSecrets Book Review. These two books combined hold such high value for me and many other marketers. Both books have been written by Russell Brunson, CEO, and founder of Clickfunnels.

Expert Secrets perfectly fills in the gaps from the DotComSecrets book. Because the Expert Secrets book will give you the exact map to set yourself apart from the masses.

Get the book for the cost of shipping ($7.95) while stock still lasts, by clicking here.

Hot tip: get ‘The Black Box‘ to get both DotComSecrets and Expert Secrets + more in one package.

You Have Expert Secrets That Can Change Someone’s Life

Don’t underestimate yourself or your knowledge. I guarantee that you are sitting on Expert Secrets yourself, that people would pay for. Further, your knowledge, skills, and expertise have the ability to change someone’s life.

It can be very easy to overlook yourself and your knowledge. But you can literally get paid for any type of advice.

Consider Jacob Hiller, vertical jump expert, who’s spent the last 9 years traveling. Because he spent much of his time learning to get good at vertical jumps. Along the way, he learned what worked, what didn’t and developed methods and strategies.

He decided to start documenting with video putting it on YouTube. Then he realised how many others that were trying to improve their vertical jump as well. However, that’s when he met Russell Brunson.

Russell was quick to tell him that people will pay for your advice, and Jacob took action. Following Russells advice he created and launched a $67 vertical jump e-book. Which has now sold over 100,000 copies, that’s $6,700,000 from teaching people how to jump…

So if you think your knowledge or expertise is not something people would pay for, you’re wrong. All you need is the right strategy and methods.

Once you do you can not only get paid for your advice. But you can build a mass movement of people who will pay for your advice. Don’t underestimate the value of your knowledge and the power of the contents in this book. Now it’s review time.

Expert Secrets Book Review

The knowledge within this book could be worth millions if you take action on it. Better yet, you’d have to pay Russell 5 figures to get this information from his mastermind. But you can get it for $7.95, which is a bit unreal on it’s own.

Expert Secrets is the underground playbook to “find your message, build a tribe, and change the world”…

While that above claim is a very strong one, it sums up the book perfectly. However, even if you don’t want to become an expert with a big following. You still make use of all the information in the book and bank on it big.

Following below, you’ll learn my 3 most important takeaways.

My 3 Most Important Takeaways From The Expert Secrets Book

Like the DotComSecrets Book Review, this could be endless. Which is why it’s you’ll only find the three most important takeaways here. At the end of the day, the book is only $7.95 with a money back guarantee. In addition to the guarantee Russell will refund the shipping cost, and let you keep the book.

You’ll find it interesting that I’ve bought DotComsecrets, and Expert Secrets twice. Because the sales funnels are different, and I bought ‘The Black Box’ from both as I wanted to learn what they do.

Holding My Two Black Boxes…

Let’s get to the takeaways shall we?

Expert Secrets Takeaway 1: Creating Your Mass Movement

This takeaway covers a whole big section of the book. So getting the message across in a few hundred words will be tricky, but I’ll try.

Within the first paragraph is one of my favourite, HEAVY hitting, qoutes of the entire book.

“As you know, the world is filled with experts who are broke, people with advice and opinions and no one listening to them.”

Think of all the Master Degree and PhD holders. Workers with decades of niche/industry experience. These people have knowledge that has immense value for the right people.

Further, you probably know several of them yourself, or maybe you’re one of them?

When trying to build his own mass movement, Russel dove deep into studying cults. But also any other person who’s made history by building a mass movement. Hitler or Jesus Christ, didn’t matter, he wanted to understand the things that helped them do it.

In his research he found that there was three things in common across all the movements he looked in to.

1. They each had a charismatic leader (Attractive Character)

2. Each of the focused on a future-based cause that was bigger than themselves

3. They each offered their audience a new opportunity

expert secrets mass movement
The Mass Movement Doodle From The Expert Secrets Book…

By reading the Expert Secrets book you’ll learn to unlock your potential. Understand and apply these principles and amazing things will happen. You’ll transform your audience into ‘true fans’. True fans buy whatever you sell and release in the future, and become brand evangelists.

True fans are like living brand ambassadors that help you spread your message. If you’d want a better understanding regarding true fans, read this article by Kevin Kelly from 2008.

Expert Secrets Takeaway 2: The Epiphany Bridge

This is a chapter from section two the book “Creating Belief”, called “The Epiphany Bridge”. If you read the book and take one thing away from it, this is that one thing you should take.

Regardless off what you do for a living this will change the way you communicate. Both in speak and in written communication. Because you’ll understand HOW you should be communicating.

russell bruson the epiphany bridge
The Epiphany Bridge Doodle From The Expert Secrets Book…

Many professionals lose sales because they focus on the features and use ‘techno’-babble. They use their ‘expert level’ language and try to reason with logic to convince prospects.

But this is not the way to go to get prospects and audience excited about something. You need to appeal to their emotions, and get them excited first. Because excited people are more likely to buy, and confused people are more likely to walk away. Then you strengthen your case with logic after.

You know when you’ve had one of those ‘aha’ moments when you’ve learned something new or understood a cool concept? That’s  you having a epiphany. The goal of the epiphany bridge is to create that ‘aha’ moment for your prospect or audience.

In Expert Secrets, you’ll not only get the whole run-down on The Epiphany Bridge. But you get the exact scripts that you can use yourself. Besides that, you also get a list of questions to answer to build that script from your own story.

Now, using The Epiphany Bridge with the other things taught in the book is super powerful. But even on it’s own, if you’re a salesman, can be a game changer and worth the price of the book alone.

Expert Secrets Takeaway 3: The Perfect Webinar

If you’ve ever sold or considered selling high ticket offers, $297 and above, you should be using webinars. Because it’s hard to sell higher ticket items, with a simple sales page. Whether it’s a written sales letter or video sales letter or a combination it’s still hard.

But how do you create a webinar? Let alone one that people enjoy and stick around long enough to buy your offer? Well, that’s where Russells Perfect Webinar comes in.

In the Expert Secrets Book, you get a full breakdown of the scrips to use and steps to take to creat your own webinar. Further, if you follow these steps and scripts, you’ll be golden.

While you’d use the scripts and steps for webinars, they have more uses. You can use them for video sales letters, stage presentations, and email sequences.

russell brunson perfect webinar
The Perfect Webinar Doodle From The Expert Secrets Book…

With the perfect webinar method in your hands, you’ve got the ability to sell your ‘secrets’ at a high ticket price.

While The Perfect Webinar is disclosed in full within the book, you can buy it as a separate product too. Check out the perfect webinar here, also a free plus shipping offer.

How To Get Expert Secrets For Free…

Russell is passionate about spreading his knowledge and creating his own true fans. He does so with the exact methods that are inside the Expert Secrets Book.

To be able to help as many as possible, he does give away the book for the cost of shipping. Because that means he will be able to reach a much broader audience and help more people.

If you want to grab your own free copy of the book by paying shipping, you can order it here.

Again, I strongly recommend getting ‘The Black Box’ as the value is super high. It includes both DotComSecrets and Expert Secrets. But also several other items, such as booklets, stickers, and more. See how to get ‘The Black Box’ below.

The two books are great on their own but even better in combination. But if you want more information on DotComSecrets, check out our review first.
But also see our post about Traffic Secrets, Russell’s latest and upcoming book!

If you want more high level content from Russell and Clickfunnels, check out Funnel Builder Secrets.

Leave any questions, comments, or queries below or email

Marcus ‘Systemizer’ Haerdin

DotComSecrets Book Review – Russell Brunson’s 1st Book

DotComSecrets Book Review – Russell Brunson’s 1st Book

It’s time for a DotComSecrets Book Review. Authored by Russell Bruson, the CEO, and founder of Clickfunnels. This is for me and could be for you, one of the most important books of this decade. That’s a very bold statement yes, this book WILL change your life forever.

Because within this book you’ll learn concepts that will shift your thinking. You’ll start seeing things in a very different way to before.

“The one regret I have with this book is that I didn’t read it sooner…”

– Marcus Haerdin

Get the book for the cost of shipping ($7.95) while stock still lasts, here. You’ll be grateful that you did.

Hot tip: get ‘The Black Box‘ and get both DotComSecrets and Expert Secrets + more in one package.

How The DotComSecrets Book Changed My Life

Even if you have a decent understanding of marketing and sales, like I thought I did, this book will teach you so much. But if you’re a complete beginner and new to marketing and sales, this book will rock your world.

Because the first section, Ladders & Funnels, will completely shift your thinking. Not only will this shift be eye-opening, but you can NEVER reverse it. Your worldview is now forever changed, in a very good way.

In addition to that, you’ll realize very fast how much you’re leaving on the table. Especially if you have a business or have an important role inside a business. But even if you’re an ‘average joe’ like I was, because I understood the power of the knowledge I’d attained.

You can study this book, teach small businesses about it, and they will ask you to work with them. Because they’ll be so impressed by the information you’ve provided. I can say this because it’s happened to me, so don’t underestimate the power of this book…

“A simple process that ANY company can use to geometrically improve their traffic, conversion, and sales online.”

– Tony Robbins
russel dotcom secrets
Hold My DotComSecrets Book…

Now let’s dive into the review

DotComSecrets Book Review

Reading the DotComSecrets book is your opportunity to from Russell Brunson. You’ll get his most important and well-kept secret within this book.

But you don’t have to pay $50,000 per year, which is the cost of his Inner Circle program. You don’t have to pay $100,000 upfront + another $900,000 in the form of a revenue percentage either. Which the cost to have Russell to come and build out your funnels and marketing strategies.

You can get the DotComSecrets book for the cost of a coffee and a croissant from Starbucks. But enough about the price and the ridiculous value, let’s talk contents.

My 3 Most Important Takeaways From The DotComSecrets Book

Because of the insane value of this book, this review could be endless. Hence, you’ll only find my 3 most important takeaways from this book below.

DotComSecrets Book Takeaway 1: The Attractive Character

The attractive character is a persona that attracts clients and customers. But also helps to build your following and eventually make sales.

People buy from and do business with people and businesses they know, like, and trust. – Grant Cardone

russell brunson attractive character
Attractive Character Doodle From The DotComSecrets Book…

Within the book you find an explanation of the concept as a whole. But also the three components to creating your own attractive character. Further, you find each component broken down into detailed sections. Meaning that you can read it and start creating your own attractive character.

This is so powerful because, as you can see in the quote above if people like you they are more likely to buy from you. Don’t underestimate this, this is the basis of the whole book “How To Win Friends & Influence People” as well.

Hence, learning how to build an attractive character is going to worth so much to your business. Regardless if you have an actual business or if you are an affiliate marketer. Because the attractive character is what people relate to, get to know, and connect with.

Once that happens, growing a following that wants to buy your offers is a whole different game. Because they feel like they know, like, and trust you.

DotComSecrets Book Takeaway 2: Value Ladders

Value ladders are such a simple concept. But once you understand it, you’ll realize a few things.

  • Regardless of your business, you need a super low ticket (or free) front end, entry level, offer. This will bring more potential customer and clients into your world.
  • Structuring your offers so that the following offer is the next logical step is key. I.e. as in a ladder, to make the next offer an easy and logical YES.
  • If you don’t have a $10,000 offer, or ‘$10,000 step in your ladder’, no one can ever buy it. So create one, even if only 0.1% buy that offer, that’s $10,000 extra you wouldn’t have made otherwise.
  • Your customer wants to ascend the ladder, to get more value and they are willing to pay for it. Does each customer want to? No, but why deny does that want to give you more money to get more value?
russell brunson value ladders
Value Ladder Doodle From The DotComSecrets Book…

Understanding value ladders will do many things for you and your business. But most important is the first one mentioned above. Because you’ll be able to expand your audience and potential customers/clients.

DotComSecrets Book Takeaway 3: The Three Types Of Traffic

This is very related to the first point in the value ladder section above. Because using that low ticket, or free, offer is a way to convert our traffic into the most important type.

Without going into too much detail, the three types are:

  • Traffic That You Can Control
  • Traffic That You Can’t Control
  • Traffic That You Own

It doesn’t require a genius to figure out that ‘Traffic That You Own’ is the most valuable one. Because it’s the only type of traffic that leaves you unrestricted.

In other words, you are in full ownership of the communication with that traffic. Communicate as often as you want, when you want, and say whatever you want.

russell brunson three types of traffic
The Three Types Of Traffic Doodle From The DotComSecrets Book…

By reading the DotComSecrets book your understanding of traffic will be crystal clear. It’s too much to cover in a short review and blog post.

But the ‘Traffic That You Own’, is ONLY your email list…

How To Get DotComSecrets For Free…

You probably know by now that Russell Brunson is a genius marketer. Hence, part of his marketing strategy is to give away his book for free. But you do have to cover the cost of shipping to get the book.

If you think to yourself: “How can Russell Brunson Give Away The DotComSecrets Book For Free?”. The answer is simple.

When you order the book, there are many other offers that you will encounter. The first one is ‘The Black Box‘ which includes DotComSecrets and Expert Secrets. But also heaps of other material, booklets, and stickers. See how to get your black box and the contents inside below.

So even if Russell lose money by giving the book for shipping cost only, he is able to recoup it later in the funnel. Because he knows how to structure it so that many will say yes to the coming offers.

Ordering Your Copy Of DotComSecrets

If you’re going to get the book, going through the sales funnel at a slow pace is beneficial. Because you’ll be able to learn exactly what he is doing on each page.

So on average, Russell gives away the DotComSecrets book for the cost of shipping. But the average profit per customer is $20 (after the cost of the book and shipping). Isn’t that cool?

All the strategies behind this you’ll learn in DotComSecrets. But I’d recommend purchasing ‘The Black Box’ upgrade to get Expert Secrets as well.

Order your copy of the DotComSecrets book here.

Check out our Expert Secrets Review if you want more info before your decision. But also see our post about Traffic Secrets, Russell’s latest and upcoming book!

If you’re keen for some next level stuff, check out Funnel Builder Secrets.

Leave any questions, comments, or queries below or email

Marcus ‘Systemizer’ Haerdin

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